Teen Top "Be Ma Girl"

Teen Top “Be Ma Girl”

We talk about Teen Top’s “Be Ma Girl” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday and talk about their sexy knife choreography. Yeah.

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29 thoughts on “Teen Top “Be Ma Girl””

  1. Teen Top's company decides their group name. Andy used Teen Top because means that they are on top of the music industry. And crazy pink hair isnt much better than crazy blue hair

  2. 1:18 XD Oh my gosh.
    And that moment when you realise teen top stands for Teenager Emoboys Emoticon Next Generation Talent Object Praise. No kidding (see what I did there?)

  3. So anyone else notice that they pick on Chunji.I mean when there saying something bad about the band they put a clip or a picture of him.Just because he play a bad role in no more perfume on you don't mean he that bad.And don't think I'm a crazy Chunji fan earthier.I just don't Luke the way you make fun of him.

  4. Teen Top will be having a concert in Toronto on April 3rd if we reach the goal of 150,000 by the end of February the 28th. If you can, please purchase tickets and come support the group! We hardly ever get any Kpop idols who come to Canada. You can get the tickets on Krowdpop ><
    Angels fighting!

  5. Hello "EatYourKimchi",
    Can you guys please tell us what you think about Teen Tops song "Rocking"  Gosh it sounded reeeeeeeaally good and the dance moves too was great but I wanna know your thoughts about it!!!Thank you!!

  6. I think I heard in an interview with Andy that they're called Teen Top not because they're teens on top (wow that does sound weird), but because Andy wanted them to always be the top K-Pop band for teenagers.

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