#TBT - My First time reacting to India - Geography Now!

#TBT – My First time reacting to India – Geography Now!

#INDIA #indian

Hi guys! This is an old video from my main channel, it was the very first time I reacted to India. Enjoy!

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Today we react to: Geography Now! India

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26 thoughts on “#TBT – My First time reacting to India – Geography Now!”

  1. India is not like the middle east, because the same state can be have different temperatures due to it different seasons at the same time, in winter season even the hottest place in india, get extremely chill, the extreme cold place can be get too hot due to humidity in summer, I am from Tamilnadu state one of the southern indian state of india, within this state we do have different temperatures, it would vary from place to place, for example the largest city in Tamilnadu state that chennai temperature if its in hot like 38°C(100°F), at the same time an other hilly towns in Tamilnadu like kodaikanal, Ooty are be have cold temperatures, like below 15°C(59°F) or 10°C(50°F) it would go down to 2°C(36°F). It's all within the one tamilnadu state, But if you go to any himalayan states in india the temperatures go down to minus. Actually you should know that india is not a sandy deserted plane like middle east that portrayed by propogonda weatern medias, indeed india has desert but its not even a 2% of it landscape that only covered by just two states of india that Rajasthan and Gujarat, which shared along with india-pakistan border,
    For your general information about india, Southern india has ghat mountains and oceans(bordered by Indian ocean,Bengal sea,Arabian sea) so it has beautiful beaches, islands and greenary mountains with lot of beautiful hill stations.
    Eastern part of india has green lush sunderban jungles with mighty himalayan mountains and some north-eastern states also has a beautiful beaches(bengal sea).
    Northern part of India has mighty himalayan mountains so these himalayan states are does have the snows and jungles and so the minus temperatures. Which is also be a border for india with china and pakistan. The desert and the hot place that you have known of is Rajasthan state and part of Gujarat state, both states are border state of india with pakistan.

    Indian temperature is generally very hot during it summer season(April-May), very cold during it winter season(November-December). In other seasons temperature it would be in midrange but mostly would feel like hot, due to the humidity. So the foreigners can't handle the humidity and they'd feel like in hot-stove. So the conception are.

  2. Here are some answers for your doubts.
    1: About meat. Eventhough Beef is not consumed in some states, other meats like Fish, Chicken, lamb, mutton etc are widely consumed. You can also eat Pork as it's not illegal anywhere, but it will be hard to find Pork in India.

    The reason why meat consumption is lower in India is because the Vegitarian food is tasty. I know that Vegitarian foods suck in the west and wstern foods without any meat is so bad.. In India, spices make food tasty. So almost all the main cusine in India consist of rice or wheat foods mixed with a curry. (Curry in India is actually a spicy soup dish that you eat with the main food. It is not meant to be eaten directly. For example, Dosa is a pan cake type food made with rice. But it's not that tasty alone. So we eat dosa with a curry, which can be vegitarian or non veg, which makes it tasty)

    2: About the Plugs
    The sockets in India are desaiged to accommodate all 3 types. Type C can be used in Type D. Most sockets in India have both Type C and Type D. There are also sockets with all 3 in a single socket. Type C is used for appliances with very low power (like LED lights, DVD player, TV etc). Type D is used in appliances with medium power (Like refrigerator, Washing machine etc). Type M is used for heavy machines that require a lot of power (like Welding machine, electric pumps etc). Type C and Type D will be present in every socket and Type D is only seen on high power rated sockets.

  3. Plz watch Dr Sashi Taroor "british does owe reparations" .you will be amazed how India were exploited under British Raj , and how India emerged from those ashes… It will helps you to break all stereotypes that was framed to India

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