Stories from the Bunkhouse (Ep. 37) | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

Stories from the Bunkhouse (Ep. 37) | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

This week, we’re bringing the county fair to the bunkhouse! Ian Bohen, Denim Richards, and Jefferson White take on carnival games, in partnership with Ram Trucks.

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31 thoughts on “Stories from the Bunkhouse (Ep. 37) | Yellowstone | Paramount Network”

  1. This episode from the Bunkhouse was pretty funny. Also makes me miss seeing Jimmy around the boys even more. There's nothing like the 3 of them together clownin. I'm really appreciating the flashbacks for Rip's younger character. Seeing how the loyalty started from it's infancy stage til now has been rewarding. One of the best things about Rip that I love is his undying loyalty to John, right or wrong. Sometimes I think if he had to choose between Beth and John, he's going Mr. Dutton all day. Hahahaha. Anyway, is it me or is Carter being raised very similarly to the way Rip was raised? They even look alike since he's hitting that growth spurt. I think the only thing that separates him from Rip is Carter is loyal to both Beth and Rip. If you all remember, Carter was told by Beth not to lie to her as well. Anyway, loved this episode except seeing Ryan lose his girl. Exactly why I ain't cowboy. No way in hell I'm letting that country singer go. Hahahaha.

  2. This is my favorite bunkhouse table talk. Thanks for the laughs guys.
    " If you bet on me you bet on a winner", "you were 1 out of 3" 🤣
    We have a new definition of a winner 😜

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