Steve Harvey reacts to DUMBEST answers! (Season 1)

Steve Harvey reacts to DUMBEST answers! (Season 1)

Steve Harvey reacts to Family Feud’s dumbest answers from his very first season as host! Episodes originally aired in 2010.

00:00 – Introduction
00:04 – Tell me something you wear around the house that you’d never wear in public.
00:20 – Name an expensive supermarket food a shoplifter might slip into their pants.
00:39 – How many X-rated movies have you seen?
00:52 – Name something everybody knows about Cinderella.
01:09 – Give me a big city in Texas.
01:28 – Name one thing that’s imported from Italy.
01:50 – Name a supermodel who’s super rich.
02:02 – Name a reality show most people want to appear on.
02:17 – Name something people sell on the street.
02:29 – Name a breed of dog that starts with the letter “C.”
02:49 – Name something that might be a foot long.
03:08 – Name something you hope never stops suddenly when you’re riding on it.
03:24 – Name something people use as a partner when they practice kissing.
03:50 – If America’s got talent, name a state where a lot of it can be found.
04:16 – Name a state that ends with the letter “A.”
04:36 – Name an occupation where a man can work with his shirt off.
04:51 – Name something that starts with the word “belly.”
05:14 – Tell me a place where you might see a dead body.
05:42 – Name the age when people’s sex drive dwindles.
05:59 – Give me a famous person named “Dick.”
06:15 – Name a kind of dog that makes a burglar think twice about robbing your house.
06:32 – Name something that starts with “Walk the ____.”
07:02 – Name a specific beverage people mix with alcohol.
07:20 – Name something that a person with long legs might not be able to fit into.
08:01 – Name someone a man might not want to know that he uses Viagra.
08:36 – Subscribe

Producer & Editor: Ed Delage
Associate Producer: Ryan Mekenian
Mixer: Jeremy Barr



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