Some 700,000 Hungarians Take Part In National Consultations On EU Sanctions – Spokeswoman

BUDAPEST (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 25th November, 2022) About 700,000 Hungarian nationals have participated in national consultations seeking citizens’ views on European sanctions against Russia, Hungarian government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkiralyi said on Thursday.

“Almost 695,000 (nationals) have sent back (questionnaires) for national consultations! We will not let decisions about us and our lives be made from above! Let’s fill out as many questionnaires as we can in the national consultation about the Brussels sanctions… Every Hungarian and every opinion counts,” Szentkiralyi said on social media, adding that questionnaires can be filled out both online and offline.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in late September that Hungary was the first European country to launch national consultations to seek citizens’ views on EU sanctions against Russia. He called on all citizens of the country to express their opinions in a national consultation and thus “put an end” to the rise in energy prices caused by sanctions. Orban claimed that energy prices in Europe would decrease twofold in a few days if the European Union changed its sanctions policy.

On November 15, the Hungarian government published a website where citizens can fill out questionnaires online. National consultations in Hungary will continue until December 9. Citizens are asked to express their attitude towards the sanctions against Russian energy sources and sanctions that have caused a decrease in the number of Russian tourists and an increase in food prices.

On September 8, said 11,000 sanctions were imposed against Russia, but they were unsuccessful, and the inflation and energy shortages caused by them could bring Europe to its knees. He also urged Europe to change its sanctions policy to avoid a crisis. On September 14, a senior Hungarian official said the EU was expected to reconsider its sanctions policy in the fall due to cold weather.

Western countries have increased sanctions pressure on Russia since the start of the special operation in Ukraine. Disruptions in supply chains have led to higher fuel and food prices across the EU, as well as in the United States, driving inflation to record levels and causing the cost of living to soar.

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