Shyvana Commercial As Seen On TV - League of Legends

Shyvana Commercial As Seen On TV – League of Legends

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Ever wanted to have a pet that would listen to you like a dog? Ever wanted to do the impossible thanks to a third-party? Well GG (guys and girls), here’s a commercial that should satisfy your needs.

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This video was made thanks to Riot Games’ League of Legends. The Shyvana gameplay and commentary was made by me. Huge thanks to League Replay which enabled me to record these gameplays.

Also, here are the players featured in this video (even those that appears for 0.1 seconds) :
CouilleBleu, Murdered, HiharaKazuki, Krazy91, FalconSpy, Fuzzy Lettuce, aionic, whblmickey, sHiSBjluBiEdArK, Cavatore, tequa, Dannyfalcon, Coolio G, NueViewz, Cal729, Deterdoter, energybar, NaeGaDuh, Chiinkalicious, Indecisive, rawdogassassin, Trap, Chubbietubs, Nodd, Miyunami, Certificate, Konsume, AirBro, HopefulHades, xPro69, Thunderhump, RaRhino, Hawk Jones IV, ConfirmDeny, Jake Jeckel, Lonely Keys, GnawedPlacenta, poppu0908, Docmailloux, Gatsby55, Gersthebest, Pakawakajaka, SaentSkar, asa1109hk, NeverBackDown2, USAAlex, WizFujin, justzzy, paperklip, Jarlot, samuraimatt, HotShootGGCN, FrozenMilktea, knight2468, BOLOBAG, kidzaremybiz69, jonahisawesome, Algonquins, Blade X33, TSM Writhing, SmellyTie, Orphail, FoxNading, GD Stan, iQoos, SICK BEAK, ezraphell, JamesPenn, Narr0w, Hibben, BlackAttack69, ewodn, Coookie Moonster And the name of a mysterious guy at 3:51

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