Showering Together Is Not Sexy - Christina Galston - Stand-Up Featuring

Showering Together Is Not Sexy – Christina Galston – Stand-Up Featuring

Christina Galston breaks down the ways her boyfriend accidentally triggers bad memories of her childhood and explains why she never asked her mother about her sexual identity. (Contains strong language.)

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35 thoughts on “Showering Together Is Not Sexy – Christina Galston – Stand-Up Featuring”

  1. WOWWWWW!!! This act was one of the funniest and most entertaining acts that ive seen in a long while!!! (and i watch a TON of standup!!!) BRAVO, Christina!!!

    And so now gonna go search & see if i can find anymore of your HILARIOUS & UNIQUE HUMOR!!!!!!

    P.S. I predict major stardom in your very near future!!! <3

  2. I ALSO got obligerant at an Applebee's, fell off a bar stool and got taken to the hospital and cuffed to a bed after taking Ativan and alcohol. For social anxiety disorder. Applebee's obligerance is REAL. And they REMEMBER YOU.

  3. I disagree. We had to compromise on the heat of the apartment (is it a fact that men are always blazing hot all the time?) and the shower head is tiny. So most of the time I was cold, and I could only get one side of my body wet at a time. 'Get in here and keep me warm.'

  4. She is hysterical and also sooo true when it comes to men coming into the shower with us. It's not cute and I refuse to do it lol
    She is definitely refreshing and seems like a delight to be around. I would love to smoke a bowl with her, definitely dream blunt rotation right there

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