Should you send nude photos?

Should you send nude photos?

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Tom Spriggs at The Coronel Group

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Shot by Brad Gage

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28 thoughts on “Should you send nude photos?”

  1. Guess what just because you send them through text or social media in private message i can access your phone and release all picture its called a hard drive its the brain of your phone

  2. Okay so what happened was this girl's send me a nude and then I exposed her by posting it on my story and then this other girl said she was going to call the cops and this was on Snap what do I do

  3. I have a question. If both parties send nudes to each other, will a boy's nude pics get the same shame when leaked as a girl's nude pics? If so, there would be a power imbalance even if both parties are sending nude pics to each other.

  4. There was a website forum where you would get a point or a "noobie" for things like creating good threads. The website owners briefly had what they called boobies for noobies where they asked women to send in naked pictures in exchange for a noobie. Is this acceptable?

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