Shaniera snubs Feroze Khan for driving with minor daughter in his lap

When it comes to following basic road safety rules, Shaniera Akram won’t spare anyone.

After schooling actors Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, the 40-year-old Australian wife of the former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram posted an Instagram story of actor Feroze Khan driving carelessly — according to Shaniera — with his child in his lap. 

This careless attitude made the Aussie social worker “sick to her stomach” because of “the stupidity of some people”.

In the video originally posted by Humaima Malick, Khan was seen driving with his daughter on his lap. Shaniera reposted the video on her Instagram, saying, “Why don’t they get it through their thick heads! this is DANGEROUS and putting your own child’s life in jeopardy.”

Stating nothing but facts, Shaniera said, “If your child is on your lap in the front seat and another car hits you even if only going 30km or less your child will flung from your arms hit the dash, hit the wind screen or worse.”

She added, “If your child survives, chances are they will have hit their head so hard they will have a brain injury for life. Why, WHY would anyone ever even risk that? Your child doesn’t know what’s right, but you do! Don’t be an idiot, children are not TOYS!”

The mother of one stated, “It’s not rocket science, its common sense.” 

She clarified in another Instagram story that she has “nothing personally against any celebrity or influencer, they can post whatever they like.”

She exclaimed, “But if and when they blatantly do dangerous things that put children’s lives at risk and post them doing it its not ok and I can not ignore it. If you are in the public eye, you have a responsibility to the public. Your actions influence fans to think what you are doing is ok. Putting your life and children’s lives at risk is not ok EVER!”

For Shaniera, if the risk involves children and minors, she has no mercy for people as she feels “morally obligated”.

“The tiniest little bump to the car can set the airbags off so fast and without warning. If your child is in the front seat or on your lap, the air bags can be fatal to an unbuckled child,” Shaniera stated in another Instagtam story.

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