A late night ad for a phone-sex company in a galaxy far far away with some very furry operators. 1-900-Roar. SFW // Part of the STAR WARS INFOMERCIALS series. Seen on @Midnight with Chris Hardwick.

a Live From Mars production ► ►

Special Thanks | EUXmedia, Hannah Phenicie

Directed by Alexander Gabrielli
Written by Ricky Faust, Chelsea Davison, and Alexander Gabrielli
Produced by Adam Richards, Christa Boarini, and Catie Daley
Co-Produced by Alexander Gabrielli, Haley Keim, and Collin Leydon

☀ Cast ☀
Starring Collin Leydon as Winnie The Wookiee
Voice Over by Chelsea Davison

☀ Crew ☀
Director of Photography | Travis Prow
Costume Designer | Tanya Apuya
Production Designer | Haley Keim
Prop Master | Lauren Shell
Special Effects Makeup | Amy Mills
Gaffer | Dan Vetanovetz
1st Assistant Camera | Ryan Griswold
Editor | Alexander Gabrielli, Hannah Phenicie
Graphics | Haley Keim
VFX | Alexander Gabrielli

#sexywookieehotline #starwars


49 thoughts on “SEXY WOOKIEE HOTLINE”

  1. @Midnight has, since it's inception, been one of my favorite shows of all time.
    Live from Mars creators: Are you associated with any other YouTube channels (or digital video in general). Curious your background. I work with many YouTubers, that's why I ask.

    Hoping for a response.

  2. the most expensive number in a man's life 😉
    Roaming and high fees guaranteed . I expect times € 124.000 / min clocking 60/60 🙂 or more.

    Well such women can be found here with us not men. We love Wookiees.

    Translated with Online Translator. I hope understand 😉

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