Sexy NSA Commercial With Sasha Grey

Sexy NSA Commercial With Sasha Grey

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The NSA just released a sexy new commercial with Sasha Grey.

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43 thoughts on “Sexy NSA Commercial With Sasha Grey”

  1. out of arguments already? just because guys in porn call them filthy whore, they don't have to be. so you're comparing movies to real life… please get off the internet.

  2. If two people in a movie kiss, they are acting, but they're still kissing aren't they? If a porn star sticks his dick in another porn star's pussy, they are acting, but are they not having sex?

    Your comment could mean two different things: Either you don't want to think of her as a whore so you say sex in a porno isn't really sex, or you're trolling. If the former is true you're ignorant and naive. If it's the latter then good job eliciting a response.

  3. Im somewhat offended by the burning of the Constitution in this video, but since the NSA is basically already doing that I guess theres no more harm done.

  4. I busted out laughing watching this video, it was hilarious United States Constitution on fire. It also features Luke Barats I love him!!

  5. Who could possibly dislike this video.  Except at the time of my post 311 did.  What's wrong America, can't look yourself in the mirror individually or as a country?  I can.  I'm an American.  Fap.  Kill lunatics.  Go to work.  Pay thieves, er, I meant car insurance.

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