Sex reassignment surgery | Sex Change | Male to Female | Female to Male | Dr Jay Mehta , Shree IVF

Sex reassignment surgery | Sex Change | Male to Female | Female to Male | Dr Jay Mehta , Shree IVF

In Today’s video, we are going to understand the basics of Sex reassignment surgery ( Sex change surgery).

This program involves a huge team of people such as urologists, plastic surgeons, psychiatrists, and endocrinologists, along with support staff with reproductive endocrinology, laparoscopic surgery, nursing care etc. So practically when you do GRS or gender reassignment surgery(Sex reassignment surgery) you are trying to address a population that is a transgender population.

Now, normally we would like to divide the transgender population into Transgender Males or Transgender Females.

Transgender Male
Now this is essentially somebody who is born a female, but identifies herself as a male, behaves like a male, wants characteristics as a male, that means wants the voice of a male, wants the appearance of a male, wants the attitude of a male, wants the hormones of a male etc.

Transgender Female
Exactly reverse of this is something called Transgender Female , now transgender female is somebody who is actually a male who is born a male but identifies himself to be a female.

Remember whenever you are converting somebody from female to male obviously there is a long phase involved
Phase I: Counselling
Phase II: Psychiatric clearance
Phase III: Endocrinology. Endocrinology means the phase in which you are given hormones now this phase could be a little long-lasting phase typically is going to last for approximately three years- two years or whatever based on the outcomes which one is seeking.

It is important for patients to know that the conversion from male to female is a slightly easier conversion than the conversion from the female domain.
From female to male that means when we are talking of converting somebody from female to male that requires a lot of artificial prosthesis lot of plastic surgical corrections and that may or may not be associated with the best possible cosmetic outcomes.

The cosmetic outcomes from male to female are absolutely excellent there are absolutely no doubts about that. One can have a female vagina with the help of a sigmoid, one can have artificially augmented breasts, and so many other things can be possible when you are converting somebody from a male to a female.

There is a little issue as far as the body stature the body structure and the voice is concerned that thing can be slightly problematic and that can be modified only a little and not massively obviously if you undergo some vocal got surgery you may be able to modify that.
In our subsequent videos, we are going to be discussing a lot more things as far as gender reassignment is concerned. So keep watching this channel when you are wanting to understand this entire process and should there be any questions you can post in the comments box, somebody from my team would try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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