Sex After Birth: Doctor Shares What You NEED To Know

Sex After Birth: Doctor Shares What You NEED To Know

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Getting back to sex after the birth of your baby can be quite a confusing experience. And, it’s no secret we do a horrible job of teaching you what is normal and what to expect…not to mention what to do if something ISN’T going well?

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26 thoughts on “Sex After Birth: Doctor Shares What You NEED To Know”

  1. Have you created a video about safe birth control options for breastfeeding moms? I know a lot of women choose IUD but are there other safe options? I don't want to have 2 pregnancies back to back.

  2. Thank you for talking about this! Sex was really painful for me after my first birth, which was rough for both me and my husband. It took a while for me to go see my doctor (all in all, it was probably about a year struggling with sex) and I was embarrassed to explain the reason why I was there, but she prescribed me a vaginal cream (I had scar tissue from an episiotomy), and it helped so much. And then I was prepared after my second and asked for the cream right away — totally different overall experience. This is also now on my radar for when I someday go through menopause so that I'm not surprised and know how to talk about potentially painful postmenopausal sex if that happens.

  3. This was the best and most depressing video. So depressing because it addressed so many of the issues I had after my baby, that went unaddressed & were a problem for months. But so wonderful that it’s been talked about and I hope more women know the truth and know how to deal with it / ask for help after they have a baby. ❤ Mama Doctor Jones so much and have fab content ❤❤

  4. Vaginal dryness from breastfeeding caused me severe pain. I had a C-section and yet felt like there was an actual brick wall. My first experience was so painful and traumatising that it completely put me off having sex, even almost 2 years after having a baby

  5. To me sex has been completely different after having kids. I don’t have pain (I did pelvic floor therapy and that really helped with that) but I also don’t have pleasure. I have pretty much no libido and feel almost nothing when having sex. I think I’ve had maybe 1 orgasm since I had my last kid 1 year ago. I really miss my body from before. Sex used to be so great with multiple orgasms in one night and now nothing.

  6. I love breastfeeding but it tanks anything I ever had that even remotely resembled a sex drive, and I don't have a high sex drive to begin with, it's incredibly frustrating for both my husband and myself

  7. The "husband stitch" is unfortunately still pretty common in South Korea where I live, from what my om friends tell me. I'm so anxious about pregnancy here because of it…

  8. My doctor didn’t wait for my to be numb with the numbing medication he put on me before stitching and my epidural had worn after before my baby girl came out so I felt everything. I was in so much pain. I tried staying still but it wasn’t as bad as feeling it tear.

  9. My first 2 were c-section and sex after, about 2 weeks post, was the same. My 3rd was VBAC with stiches and sex after, about 4 weeks post, was painful for a couple of months. Maybe age was a factor – first 2 were when I was 18 & 20 and 3rd I was 39.

  10. I am almost 11 months postpartum and only just now getting back to wanting sex/ remembering its a thing. I am a SAHM and breastfeeding so i am constantly being touched. Some days i feel like i am just a walking milk and comfort machine. So when my husband comes home from work and tries to be cute/sexy i just want to be left alone. Its getting better now though and i even initiated sex the other day! Our baby has only just started sleeping in her own bed for about a month now and still wakes up a few times a night so most nights, when i can actually sleep, i tend to want that over sex. It's been a rough time but seeing my husband be an amazing dad definitely helps!

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