Video, music & spoken word by Wolfe Girardin Jodoin.

Sedona offers an intimate and uninhibited immersion in an anxious introspective 21st century male mind. Personal difficulties are addressed surrounding verbal communication, emotional connection, attention span & presence, sexuality, gender pressures, social media, pornography, the sense of being in multiple realms of existence at the same time, and more… The title references the spiritual/commercial coexistence and interdependence of the city of Arizona rather than the city itself.

Created primarily for an ArtX course at Concordia University, the screening took place in a small room and was accompanied by an installation of objects laid out of the floor, dimly lit by a red lamp. Props included: a condom, a roll of toilet paper, a flask, Sedona vortex-tour pamphlets, a miniature Inuit sculpture of a wolf, a spray paint can, a pair of binoculars and a few personal letters from past relationships. The audience was invited to examine the installation and then take a seat on the floor. Wolfe then stood in front of the projection and stripped down to his boxer briefs before turning off the light, and joining the audience as the movie started.

The images for this video are the culmination of 4 years of random filming with the Canon Rebel t2i. The soundtrack was made with homemade props, a fretless bass, and whistling with various effects in VoiceLive Touch. Editing in Premiere Pro Cs6.



The stork must’ve picked me from a different planet than most
Breathing air, not really there, my focus floats like smoke
Every other day is an out of body experience
Watching myself move, trying to grasp my incoherence
I analyze my lips, jaws, tighten and close
Fragmented phrases, my spoken prose always awkwardly flows
I write shit down so I can structure out of my head
Fractured vocabulary, oral skills are better in bed
The occasional good streak, I feel cunning for a few lines
Friends laugh, k so I’m not so bad as I find
On top of things, attentive, I finally heard word
But I start contemplating that, and BOOM I’m bewildered

It’s a toss of a coin cuz even with a mami I mucho gusto
I can be suave or abstract like Joan Miro
A fail or a glow depends on a list factors that grow
Countless images flash constantly doubting our combo
Plein mon dos, can’t I just get down with her pronto?
Arousal – I got it and lost it, stressing about my thrust yo
Not ready yet, I drank too much, it’s not that I aint into you
Excuses, apologies, my physiology is confused too
Pass the liquor so I can call a dysfunction a whiskey dick
Always looking for a middle between over-thinking and puking sick
Still stuck an ex or I’m scared of what’s next?
And you get desensitized after long of loving no latex
And being raised on porno clips was certainly a staple
For the first generation of virgins lusting facials and anal
Got no idea what my own authentic fetishes are… yeah I’m sex-stressed
Like Talib Kweli “I’m complexed about gettin too complex”*
I’m hyper-aware in every context
I should live in Sedona and charge to visit my vortex

And now I worry about coming off as self-centered
I think too much and that’s my problem. Sorry if you’ve entered
In this dirty place where nothing makes sense anymore
You start wondering what your lovers are in it for
Can they tell when you’re not sincere?
And do they care if you’re feelings are unclear?
Are your friends friends or do they like you like a trend?
I get paranoid about my social persona on the weekend
And I’m stacking up to 800 contacts on facecrack
But people add me and never chat, so what the fuck is that?
You wanna watch what I post and pass your silent judgements
I’ll let you know now, I bitch a lot about cops and government
It’s fucking lame but I’m the same – techno-chained
We’re all voyeurs in this internet plane
What you think I been doing since we cut contact?
I spend my time looking for new photos you got tagged.
I miss so many people but not like “I miss you let’s catch up”
More like I miss what we were and lost, and never backed up
On a hard drive. I took a hard dive into my introspectives
I sense a disconnect from even my closest collectives
Don’t get me wrong, I love my fam and friends to death
But I’m elsewhere, ultra self-aware… gotta stop and take a deep breath
To recenter. Feel like I vibe people out on the regular
Is it a coincidence that Wolfe has no rhyme… or reason?

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