This is one of a number of nieces whom I am proud to be able to call my friends. Seana, still in her second decade, is in a protracted battle with what started out as ovarian cancer. She came through one round of major surgery (with complications), courses of chemo and other therapies, and went on to getting a job working on an oncology research team at Sunnybrook, while at the same time subjecting herself to a rigorous physical training program and development as a force to be reckoned with in competitive jujitsu! Just recently 2 new masses have been discovered in Seana’s abdomen and she is having surgery on Monday the 11th to have them removed. Only after the surgery and subsequent pathology will Seana and the rest of us know what she’s up against now…

Dear Seana, I’m so proud of you, girl!!

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2009.05.12 Update: Thanks to you, all my Flickr friends, for your concern and good wishes for my niece Seana. I’m happy to be able to report that the surgery went well. Two masses were removed and sent to pathology for testing. The tumours were fairly self contained so the surgery did not involve complications that would have ensued had the tumours been involved with other organs. The results will come back from pathology in about three weeks, and that will determine the particular course of chemotherapy that Seana will have to undergo.

Thanks again to everyone for your kind thoughts, wishes, prayers and vibes!

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