Sayay (series) | Chapter Two | Zulfiqar | Mooroo

Sayay (series) | Chapter Two | Zulfiqar | Mooroo

The second chapter in the sayay webseries. We follow zulfiqar through the steps that have led him to where he is now.

For the previous episode watch:

Chapter One – Ainy

Created by Mooroo

Mariam Saleem Nawaz
Mansha Pasha
& Mooroo

Director of Photography – Hamad Khan
Production Designer – Eruj Hadi
First AD – Dawar Naim
Second AD – Fariha Afzal
Camera Assitant – Ramzan
Sound Recordist – Qaiser Nawaz
Art Director – Hira Mansoor
Assistant Art Director – Salman
Production Manager – Ahsan Ahmad

Special Thanks to Salman Noorani for his support!


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  1. I still can't believe that this masterpiece was released 4 years old. I was in my teenage back then. Thank you, Mooroo, for touching our hearts in so many ways.

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