Saba Faisal regrets posting viral video regarding son’s family

Veteran actor Saba Faisal said she is feeling guilty over posting a video for publicly severing ties with her son Salman Faisal and daughter-in-law Neha.

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Saba Faisal said she was undergoing a crucial phase of her life and posted the video which she should not have. The actor said she should have thought twice before taking her son’s name in public.

The celebrity said she had to delete the videos as she cannot bear to watch them.

The veteran star, admitting her mistake, said that she used social media to let others know about her personal issues.

It is pertinent to mention that veteran actor Saba Faisal had shared a video (which is now deleted) to announce she broke ties with her son Salman Faisal and daughter-in-law Neha.

The celebrity opened up on her decision in an Instagram video which went viral.

In the viral video, the actor said she never discusses one’s private life but the criticism towards her on Neha’s social media posts made her do so.

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Saba Faisal said she and her daughter Saadia remained silent as their remarks would go viral on social media.

The celebrity said she lived a beautiful life, adding that Neha would never make a family happy because of her negative nature.

The actor said she had to live a tough life with her son for four years because of him, adding she could not understand why is he with her.


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