Road from Hazro to Ghazi (through the village of Shinka) in District Attock, Pakistan - January 2011

Road from Hazro to Ghazi (through the village of Shinka) in District Attock, Pakistan – January 2011

This road was built by the British in the 1930’s ad it has lasted! It is quite a scenic road which takes you to the Himalayan foothills.

Shinka is a small village near Jalalia village in Hazro Tehsil, Attock District, Punjab province of Pakistan. Its neighbouring places are Behbudi, Ghorghushti town, Malak Mala and Nartopa.

Education and health
The village has an Islamia High School and a government middle school for boys, as well a government middle school for girls and there are private schools for boys and girls, as well as private English medium school for boys and girls, health clinics, like Riaz Medical Centre, Khalid Medical centre, Islam Medical Centre and Ishfaq Medical Centre, a UBL bank, a post office, a telephone exchange, few pco call centre, few barber shops, about two dozens grocery shops, few garments shop, some sports items shop, a fine hand made furniture workshop, embroidery shop and house made service, a few tailor shops, restaurants, building material supplier, Mechanical work shop, a taxi stand with about two to three dozen taxis.
shinka people are very hard working people and they have a great experience of hand made product, Like hand made furniture for office and home with engraved antique hand work, Men do embroidery on any garments tailor design and also women do at their home in their free time embroidery with many colourful design and work, shinka produced a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well mustard oil, and they grow a huge amount of corn and wheat. Shinka people are very hospitable and sincere, They love hard working, Dignity and loyalty is in their blood and they are straight forward people. Shinka is a village but well developed, It streets are cemented, have electricity everywhere, have almost 70% house land line phone and about 98% people have mobile phone and mobile phone can recharge everywhere very easy, Shinka is well connected by road to the rest of Pakistan, M3 motorway is about i kilometer away and trunk road (G.T. Road or Sher Shah Suri road, Kabul to Dehli is 10 kilometer away, Turbela to hazro, Peshawar to Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Turbela to Attock all these roads passed through Shinka .Islamabad International Airport to Shinka is about 45 minute’s drive, There are daily buses going to big cities like HAZRO, ATTOCK, GHAZI, TOPI, PESHAWAR, RAWALPINDI, ISLAMABAD, LAHORE, KARACHI, KAMRA, HASANABDAL, WAH KENT, There are daily two direct buses for KARACHI, and for the rest of the cities you can get a bus or mini bus every 5 minutes. and also there are about three to four dozen taxis for hire.
The village is very popular among all other villages in the surrounding due to their educational and sports abilities.

Tribes of Shinka
There are number of small tribes in Shinka whose spoken language is Pashto, which include the Show Khel, Aja khel, Aka Khel, Baboo Khel, Kaca Khel, Karam Khel and Khan Khel
Additionally Pashto and Hindko is spoken by the Awan, Gujjars, Kashmiris, Mughals and Mullas.

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