Reseda mom admits to drowning her 3 children in jailhouse interview in Kern County

Reseda mom admits to drowning her 3 children in jailhouse interview in Kern County

The mother suspected of killing her three children found dead in their Reseda home last weekend admitted to the slayings Thursday in a jailhouse interview with KTLA sister station KGET in Bakersfield. Chris Wolfe reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on April 15, 2021.



46 thoughts on “Reseda mom admits to drowning her 3 children in jailhouse interview in Kern County”

  1. This might support the Justice system is skewed towards always siding with the mother when it comes to custody. I suspect if the woman was the father, she wouldn’t have had any custody at all of those kids to begin with. I could be wrong of course, the custody battle might have just started before this happened.


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  4. My heart goes 9ut to the father can you imagine being without your kids what kind of life has he now none he is dead she wanted to hurt him and she killed him right then and there when she took away his most precious things

  5. I wish I never had kids either I feel you boo.. I gave mine up.. I’m not going to jail for nobody at least they Safe sometimes that’s just how it is we should’ve used condoms but hey we didn’t it is what it is men gotta stop having kids with women they do not want it’s not all her fault

  6. Wait a minute…this mentally ill monster can bail out? I'm not saying she has access to $2million bucks but she killed 3 innocent babies and admitted it!!! She should be held without bail..PERIOD.

  7. Also social justice warrior, activist, trying to protect them from further abuse.. Blah blah blah…she is being allowed to do this interview because her lawyer requested/permitted it so she could paint an image of mental instability and diminished responsibility for the crime..

  8. Women can make up any excuse to kill their kids and it will be idiots to defend them and have compassion. If this was a man who killed the kids, wouldn't none of you idiots be defending him 🙄

  9. I’m not buying Post-Partum Depression one bit. She’s a jealous, murderous psychopath who killed those 3 babies to exact revenge against her
    ex-husband. She deserves the death penalty, but of course, in California they outlawed the death penalty years ago, so she’ll comfortably live out the rest of her life getting 3 square meals a day, a bed to sleep on at night, and jail mates to befriend over the course of her natural life. Bring back the DP now!

    God bless those 3 angels👏🏼.
    May these Rest In Peace👏🏼.

  10. I do not believe she saw the children as her own. She killed them to cause suffering to whoever knew them but also end her position in society. She may have been tormented but not enough to explain these actions. There were other alternatives to doing this but they wouldn't involve other's suffering the loss of the children.

  11. You do not bring a child to this world and kill them. This is a deliberate act and all these children need is their mum protection instead she deliberately kill them how evil. Justice must be served. Rest In Peace three beautiful souls 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  12. When asked if she regrets her actions, she could not have been more clear that she doesn't! I cannot imagine doing this to any child let alone your own and one after another!

  13. I bet she is going to go with the insanity plea. “ I didn’t want them to hurt….. Yet drowns them yeah that sounds real logical like wth…….

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