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Reactive or Unreactive – Which Is More Attractive?

James Bond is the Ultimate example of the Alpha Male. He gets all the girls and he has the attitude that spells out machismo. His unreactiveness coupled with his latest gadgets seems to get him all the hot women on the set. Is this reflective of the real world?

Using James Bond as an example, it is safe to say that being unreactive should be the path that men need to take on? Silence, arrogance and being dismissive- is this the way of men showing that they are more dominant than females or is it a way to respond to a subject that they do not know how to rightfully respond to? The downside to being unreactive is that it can be read wrongfully. It could mean yes or no and people in general do not like to second guess a person and at times even end up assuming the wrong idea.

Let’s discuss the opposite- reactiveness. There is such a thing that is called attractive reactiveness. Ever seen a funny guy with an attractive woman in his arms? That’s the picture that best describes this. There are times when being able to respond to a circumstance can make you build attraction.

Teasing is one of the best ways of showing reactiveness. Women have the habit of asking questions that will either confirm your beliefs or her own- it’s like a test. It’s okay to have a reactive response in this situation while standing your ground and validating your beliefs instead of hers. In this situation, unreactiveness may come in handy. The goal here is to deliver the message in such a way that it will not seem insincere.

All in all, you can be reactive and unreactive depending on what the situation calls for. If you are unsure, a simple shrug will do or if you want to turn an awkward situation into a funny one, you can always drop a suitable funny joke.

Source by George Alex Battles

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