Race, Space, and Design: Evolving Activities at the GSD

Race, Space, and Design: Evolving Activities at the GSD

This half-day event, organized in parallel with the “Voices and Visions
of St. Louis” conference by Designing Justice, a student-led initiative at
the GSD, will highlight ongoing student work at the GSD that explores
issues of equity, race, and social justice. The works-in-progress will deal
with themes such as gentrification, displacement, mobility, access, education,
informality, policing, and political agency. It will build on recent
endeavors at the GSD such as Black in Design; Map the Gap; Design,
Development, and Democracy; The MLK Way; and others. The exhibited
and presented work will span disciplines, geographies, and scales
and will take a variety of forms, such as studio projects, written work,
video, built work, and independent research studies.
range of epistemologies and ideas that have been examined during the
day’s sessions, and to engage in a conversation about next steps. What
social, spatial, political, and/or economic projects should be researched,
designed, or implemented in order to put St. Louis on a different
trajectory? What kind of interventions, and at what scale, might
result in the best outcome for all? How should St. Louis deal with the high-priority issues of mobility, housing, education, policing, and urban
design practices to address the injustices and divisions of the past?
And finally, who should be involved in discussion and action, and how
should these individuals or collectivities be gathered together and organized to proceed?


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