r/ProRevenge | CRAZY GERMAN WOMAN FAT SHAMED ME!!! - Reddit Stories

r/ProRevenge | CRAZY GERMAN WOMAN FAT SHAMED ME!!! – Reddit Stories

Reddit rSlash Storytime r prorevenge where I taught a kid a swear word. 3 decades later, petty revenge. Got my ex roommates new roommate banned from coming on our workplace property Fire me? Good luck getting a new job. I have been waging psychological warfare against my ex and its starting to work Don’t call the concierge a “little girl” Free Shipping Revenge I asked my husband to buy us some coffee we would both like so we could drink it together. Coworker treating me like crap after I called her out for lying on medical documents. Really stinks for her now…Complain about my mail in “your mailbox”, okay no more mail for you. German Speaking Woman Makes fun of my Coworker’s weight, so I give her a taste of her own medicine You want to be rude? Watch me being petty. Convenience store shenanigans

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15 thoughts on “r/ProRevenge | CRAZY GERMAN WOMAN FAT SHAMED ME!!! – Reddit Stories”

  1. 7:41 THIS is the narrative that the legacy media should be pushing in regards to the Heard/Depp case. The verdict doesn't hurt women, it shows that men don't have to be ashamed to come forward when they're being abused. The opportunity for social change, right there for the taking, but no. They'd rather go to extreme lengths to gaslight the public on a trial that was broadcast live (though many obviously choose not to watch it, instead taking the reporting at face value) and push this false narrative about how the outcome is going to negatively affect women being believed. No. It's going to help destigmatize men coming forward when they're victims of abuse, because men can be victims too. For any guys out there in abusive relationships, just because she's a woman, doesn't give her the right to abuse you, and reporting it doesn't make you less then – it makes you an advocate for your well-being 💜

  2. lol i have clothing size issues to but in a good way. im not fat or overweight type deal. im just bult like a tank and just big with muscle. look up Arnold Schwarzenegger body builder type build. that's my build and i can never find cloths that look right, and fun part is i dont work out to get that build

  3. Dutch waiter story: especially in Amsterdam: a) there is a huge shortaged of people wanna work those kinds jobs, b) it is usually college age students working the jobs so c) they make their own rules, which means you need to be assertive and tell them you might wanna eat later too and therefor want a menu. He was rude indeed, very, and throwing peoples food on tables isn't normal, but he will not get fired for his mouth and actions. Not now anyway.

  4. Story 9 – Unfortunately there arent the same protections in place for animals as there is with humans. You still have the privacy side involved when it comes to the owner and what medical issues the animal may have. But, when it comes to falsifying such information related to the animal, not many protections, however it can be against that person that entered the information should the animal die and it comes back to that information being falsely inputted, the fact that she was still working there would mean that the clinic can also be named on any legal action taken, however if she got fired before said legal action they could get their name removed.

  5. Story 4 is just what my mother did with my possible Half-sister's mother who was letting her daughters (the woman had another daughter that was not related to me) be hurt in a way that will get you killed on prison by her boyfriend/husband. When the crime came out and the witch was found no guilty of any crimes *should note this was the 80s*. Every time that woman would get a job my mom would tell the big wigs to look up a name which was the real name of the witch since she used different but legal other names.

    The witch was driving a school bus that was carried the rich kids when my mom found out and got her fired. When I mean any job i meant any job. My mom was right there and the witch never thought my mom was the reason. Said witch pulled the 'i was scared or i didn't know he was doing it' card. That witch knew what was going on when she let it out that she saw what the thing of a man was doing right in front of her face to her daughters and she just drank her drink and did nothing. Mom made sure that even though she didn't go to jail that witch was still gonna pay for what she did.

  6. You can call me lots of names and such but the one thing I will not EVER tolerate is snapping fingers in my face when someone is being a brat. Yes i snap my fingers at my dad and grandmother but they are very much hearing impaired but snapping for some reason gets their attention don't ask me why and i am not doing that to be rude or mean.

    Let's just say that when people snap their fingers at me other in any way other than getting my attention (which depends on situation which not all finger snapping is rude) Those people get their fingers broken or jammed. I will not put up with that in any way that is rude and disrespectful.

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