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Qualities Of A Good Husband

When I was in College, I was often invited by so many groups on camps to speak on different issues pertaining to relationships. During one of my presentations, a beautiful young lady asked me one of the questions very dear to many women all around the world. Her question to me was, “What makes a man a good husband?” After her question, I knew I had a good and convincing answer for that dear and sweet looking lady (Hey! A little confession: I really did admire that lady and was actually slain by her beauty).

Suddenly, it occurred to me that I should first listen to what her colleagues (it was an all-girls show and my assistant and I happened to be the only guys in the auditorium) before giving them what I thought were and are the qualities of a good husband. Mon Dieu! I had the shock of the life that night! I just could not believe what these campus girls were looking out for in their ideal men. One short lady voiced out, “My ideal man is a guy who can rock me all night in bed.” What!, I surprisingly exclaimed. One usher at the show said, “If you are not a well built guy, you can never be my man.” Then another lady spontaneously said, “then Theo (referring to me) would never qualify!” The ladies went haywire as they the laughed at their pal’s teasing remarks. “Dear (referring to the former lady), why a well body built man and not a guy with my physique.” Excited they ladies became again.

“Well, a body built man can carry me easily in his arms into the car when I am pregnant, and of course, show me “whatz up” at night”, the lady replied. There were other answers and remarks. Some were very helpful to me and good to take note of (which I did signal my assistant to jot them down for me) but some, Oh God! where simply off target. One of the girls major priorities has to do with sex, sex, sex. But what should one expect from these young ladies whose sexual hormones are of a high entropy in their systems?

I strongly believe that no matter what ladies look out for in a man as a good husband, there are certain qualities they should always look out for. These qualities are the determining factors that differentiates good husbands from the bad ones. I am a young man and ladies believe me, we men are not perfect beings and the are some kind of “beast” in every man. Pardon us for our shortcomings but insist on seeing a high percentage of the following good qualities in us. Please, do always remember that there is no man that is perfect, no not even one! Ladies, if you happen to see one, hmm! he is a serious pretender.

So, who then is a good husband? What makes a man a good husband? I strongly believe that a good husband is a “house-band”, that is to say, like any band, for example, musical band, he is able bring members of the nuclear (himself, the wife and children as well as any other person living with them) together and become one, with every member living happily and every joyous. No matter what a man’s beliefs are, his culture, temperament, his looks or educational background, women should watch out for these qualities in their men. Let me share the qualities with you now!

1. A good husband should be a good keeper.
Okay! Now the question is, “A keeper of what?” I have met so many kids, for example, who do not love to be at home especially if their daddies are around. Most of these kids do not like and want to be at home because their dads are like “repellents”, always driving them away from home by their obnoxious actions. So when I say a good husband (house-band) is a good keeper, I mean, he is able to happily keep his children and wife at home, and they are also gleeful to be around their husband and dad. Also, he should have the ability keep the trust of his family, create and keep a good name for the family, keep the family together always, and most importantly, keep the dignity of the woman he has married, making her very special as compared to any other woman on planet earth.

2. A good husband gives good satisfaction.
A very husband should endeavor to make his family members always happy by satisfying them with their needs. You see, you do not necessarily have to be fantastically rich to be able to satisfy your family. Just them seeing you always putting up your best for them, makes them love you the more. But I would not deny the fact that there are some unreasonable wives who never appreciate what their husbands do for them. However, if you call yourself a husband, you should be able to satisfy your wife, to a greater extent, sexually, financially, emotionally, socially and psychologically. A good husband supply the need of his kids. Let your wife and kids be able to say, “We have a good dad and we are never in want.”

3. A good husband is a good director of the home.
If you are husband and you can not control or be in charge of your home, then I wonder if you are a good one. A good husband manages his home well. Your should submit to you gladly and your children should also obey you gladly. Lead your family to a life if you call yourself a good husband.

4. A good husband gives good guidance. A good husband is able to help advice his family members as to how to do something challenging and to deal with problems connected to the things they do or their personal relationships. He shows them the right path in life. Are you a good husband if your wife and kids are struggling in life?

5. A good husband ensures that there is always peace at home.

6. A good husband helps maximize the potentials of his wife and kids. He is not selfish. He goes to the top with them.

7. A good husband is trustworthy. Does not live a dual-life. He is a “constant” man and a “variable”.

8. A good husband protects his family. He protects family against any attack or criticism.

9. He is a good companion. He spends a lot of quality time with his family.

10. He is a perfect helper. Does not leave all house chores on the wife. Helps at home.

11. He gives perfect solace. He comforts wife and kids when they are feeling sad or worried.

12. He is a good provider.

13. A good husband gives his family joy and great happiness.

14. He gives good assurance. He makes his family develop the feeling of confidence and certainty in his abilities.

15. He is compassionate.

16. He gives his kids perfect destinies.

Source by Theo Amoo

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