Pro Chef Reacts.. To Uncle Roger's $242 vs $13 Fried Rice (Epicurious)

Pro Chef Reacts.. To Uncle Roger's $242 vs $13 Fried Rice (Epicurious)

Today we see Uncle Roger Reviewing Epicurious $242 vs $13 Egg Fried Rice, and where he first saw Aunty Esther!

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37 thoughts on “Pro Chef Reacts.. To Uncle Roger's $242 vs $13 Fried Rice (Epicurious)”

  1. Wel on the vegetable thing, if i where with my dad yeah. I have to finish my veggies. My mom can cook so i always finish my veggies cause she knows how to cook (my father does not)

  2. Has Jamie Oliveoil actually cooked a traditional recipe correctly at any point? Everything I've seen has been wrong in some way or another (wrong ingredients, wrong process/order etc)

  3. I had the same issue about eating my vegetables with my dad. The only times it really became an issue were when he made boiled spinach or asparagus which he knew I hated and had trouble eating because it would make me gag really badly.

  4. Not only did I have to sit and finish all my veggies, but i got caught going to the bathroom to spit out food, so after that i couldnt leave the table for anything till i was washing my plate lol.

  5. We love to see Uncle Roger roasting Jamie Oliver. It was entertaining. But for Jamie, it will give him a bad reputation since there are so many wrong techniques and ingredients in his cooking video

  6. Re shrimp heads and shells: It doesn't even need to be a big production to make shrimp stock, or even put tons of other things in with it, or do special things with the heads. Are you making a shrimp dish and want more flavor? Just pull of the heads and shells, stick them in a pot with enough water to cover, and boil them for a bit while you're prepping the rest of the ingredients (doesn't even have to be that long, 10-15 minutes is usually plenty), then strain and mix it back into the rest of the dish while you're cooking it. It will add tons of great shrimp flavor you'd otherwise just be throwing away.

    (Sure, if you want to go the extra mile, you can do much fancier things with them like what she's doing here, but even just a quick boil to pull out some of the flavor is tons better than just throwing them out)

  7. Yes!! I am also a kid that stayed at the table until I finished whatever I was served, valuable lesson kids nowadays don't know, and when you grow up you learn to appreciate food and the effort people took to make it way more.

  8. Loving the channel Chef James, I'm not even a particularly good cook. However I enjoy your breakdowns of different foods and techniques, its super insightful and quickly become one of the channels ill have on the 2nd monitor most of the day when working from home. Love your work.

  9. 14:37 ah, Golden Fried Rice. One of famous anime (or manga) called "Chūka Ichiban!" (or Cooking Master Boy) introduced it. The show was 1997-1998, and it localized KR I think early 2000's. I grew up with watched it. The show is even the meme source in KR.

    Mix 1 whole egg, 1-2 egg yok with rice. Seasoning with just salt and paper and fry with wok. Simple, easy, and good. I always love to cook when I have cold rice with egg, but nothing else.

  10. The egg omelet thing the intermediate chef used is more Korean style. We slice it up thin and use it as garnish on certain dishes like rice cake soup. It’s called Jidan (계란지단)

  11. I like your videos bro! Uncle Roger is like the class clown and you are the knowledgable teacher. 👍

    I was never forced to finish or even eat veggies…I had to finish the meats, chicken or fish. That was the expensive stuff and got in deep doo-doo for not finishing or god forbid, throwing it out….that would possibly get me the belt, lol.

  12. I definitely had to sit at the table until I finished my food. I think the longest run I had was I say there for 4.5hrs after everyone else finished their dinner. I was a tough nut to crack.but in the end…I learned to enjoy what I initially didn’t appreciate.

  13. There's always a risk of cooking something using equipment that was not properly cleaned or rinsed. Even though always using fresh ingredients and clean equipment, I think I poisoned myself once making eggs on a grill that may have had chemical residue leftover and it had not been rinsed adequately the day before.
    I guess these things are rare, but sometimes they are out of our contol.

  14. As a kid I was always abandoned at dinner by the rest of my family because Mom wouldn't let you leave the table until you ate everything. I hated peas and I was a terrible liar so when everyone else was in the living room watching TV, I was in the kitchen learning how to juggle…peas! Then when I finally came into the living room, she would ask if I had finished my peas. Guilt-free, I could then proclaim.. I'm sorry I tried, but "I threw them up."

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