Pray for Dan Andrews

Pray for Dan Andrews

“Pray for Daniel Andrews”: Martyn Iles urges 4,600 Victorians at MCEC event to pray for the Victorian state premier.


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  1. When the bible says to pray for your enemies, it doesn't mean corrupt, tyrants like Dan Andrews, absolutely not. If someone stole you cloak pray for them, forgive them, Jesus Christ says, they need it more than you do, no, not Dan Andrews, he of the utmost evil and corruption and must be shunned, your sermon should have said VOTE ANDREWS OUT, that would have been working for God, not this feel good, lovey, dovey stuff. To many times the bible gets taken out of context, like thou shall not judge, is a prime example, but on further reading it is a message to the hypocrites. Christians have been far too lax, to weak, to sold out, to be any good to the world today, that is exactly why the world is in the predicament it is today, one of pain and misery and suffering.

    God created his enemies so he can destroy them. This is a global issue, a weak sold-out church, that is not meeting the challenges of the current times, it is failing, in it's comfort zone, that's why the rapture must happen, because of the failures within the Church.

    That's why God gave Andrews a house, so everybody can watch it fall, this is prophecy.

    Never forget Morrison, first beast of revelation, Albanese 2nd beast of revelation and yes, they are working together behind the scenes, the 2nd beast of revelations is continuing the work of the 1st beast of revelations.

  2. he is a man who thought he was above the people who pay for his services. he was a man who took our freedoms, lives and small businesses. he is a man that we should be bringing back in the noose to make an example to future politicians who think they are above the law

  3. Vote him out first

    what does the BIBLE say about the STIFF NECKED RELIGIOUS LEADERS

    like ISREAL – a large section of the CATHOLIC church has gone like FALLEN ISREAL AND THESE SAME ONES KILLED JESUS

    are we KILLING THE BIBLE ?

    POPE and BIDEN and various leaders like DAN ANDREWS under the VATICAN'S dictates is dangerously going down same path as FALLEN ISREAL

    climate change or ACT OF GOD

    for there ACTIONS

  4. Martyn's recap of Dan Andrews' ghoulish positions on all things sacred can be said of so many American politicians. I am convinced this is because of the battle being waged in the spiritual realm that is crossing into the physical. Signs of the [end] times!

  5. Since the OT Prophet Isaiah confirmed the NT Apostle John's vision of new Heavens and a new Earth, there's absolutely no cause to be concerned about climate change because we're trying to preserve something which will soon no longer exist.
    22As the New Heavens and New Earth that I make, that remain before me, says LORD JEHOVAH, so your seed and your name shall be established Isa. 66:22 Aramaic
    And I saw new Heavens and a new Earth, for the former Heavens and the former Earth had departed, and the Sea was no more. Rev. 21:1 Aramaic

  6. Perhaps pray for the St Andrew’s new Dean, Sandy. Strangely he sees Christians as the problem and that praying for him was tantamount to weaponising prayer. Please help us brother. There is an undercurrent of non Christians falling into positions of influence within the church and ministries of all Christian religions.

  7. The main reason why Iaws like the one that permits partial brth ab0rtion are passed is because the pubIic have no idea about what's really happening. The m3dia suppress this information.

    I think if more Australians knew about Iate term ab0rtion they would call for it to be b4nned.

    These Iaws can be removed from the books just as quickly as they were enacted.

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