Plus Size Pole Dancing Instructor Proves Sexy Has No Size

Plus Size Pole Dancing Instructor Proves Sexy Has No Size

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A fiercely confident pole instructor is showing the world that there is no size requirement for sex appeal. Ro’Yale – also known as Da Queen of Curves – started pole dancing after a temporary separation from her husband left her questioning who she really was. After just a few lessons, she knew she had found a lifelong passion and suggested that her studio – Vertical Joes – start offering pole dancing classes for plus size women, but she never expected them to offer the position to her.

Videographer / director: John-Paul Steele
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Nick Johnson
Editor: James Thorne

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46 thoughts on “Plus Size Pole Dancing Instructor Proves Sexy Has No Size”

  1. Her husband should go ngl he's just holding her back from doing something she loves like shes not doing it for other people just teaching others how to do it.
    Like be glad your thicc wife is a pole dancer and embraces her size instead of putting herself down.

  2. This is what’s wrong with society these days where all you feminist are trying to be all about woman power. All these comments are saying she isn’t obese and at least she is losing weight. If she has been doing this for months or years, she would of lost that arm fat for sure and she isn’t. Why isn’t there ANY before and after pictures? Because it’s not true. You woman need a realty check. This is not a full on workout. Yes it can be a “hobby”, but she is not doing anything else. She is obese and all you woman need to stop trying to boost woman like this and be more hard on them. If she likes it as a hobby fine that’s cool. But now that she is single, no man around her age, is gonna accept a woman in her late 30s or 40s overweight and doing a strip dance as a hobby. You woman are not men so you don’t know what men really think. So to all the woman hating on the men who are commenting saying she is obese, just stop because she is. You think real strippers just do this and that’s how they keep her figure, no. And I bet she is gonna get a reality check soon and realize that at her age, it’s gonna be hard to find a bf for sure. Now what they should of done was ask her if she is HAPPY with her weight. Because I bet she thinks this is the only type of class she should be doing and it will lose weight.

  3. Why does people in the comments care so much about ANOTHER persons health and weight? Bro who cares if other person is "unhealthy" or "obese" is NOT your problem and it's rude to point that out when it's NON OF UR BUSINESS.

  4. Human beings are literally not even supposed to be this weight. It's horrible. Good that she has gained confidence, but hopefully she doesn't get sucked into the lies of the obesity acceptance movement, and instead uses her newfound hobby to get down to a healthy and livable weight.

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