PBM Serves 1099355 Beneficiaries Under IFA From July 2019 Till December, 2022

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 23rd Dec, 2022 ) :Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) has disbursed an amount of Rs. 9,269,125,641 among 1099355 beneficiaries under the Individual Financial Assistance (IFA) programme during the period from July 2019 till December 01, 2022.

Among the total amount, Rs. 2,213,357,531 has been disbursed among 24400 beneficiaries belonging to Islamabad Capital Territory, Rs. 3,464,532,641 to 41,521 beneficiaries of Punjab and Rs. 1,280,441,735 among 15489 beneficiaries of Sindh.

According to an official source, the program has disbursed an amount of Rs. 1,886,489,786 among 21557 beneficiaries of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Rs. 312,588,311 among 4590 beneficiaries of Balochistan and Rs. 111,715,637 among 2378 beneficiaries of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Under the IFA program, PBM is providing financial assistance to the marginalized segments in different sectors including education, medical, special friends and general category.

During the period from July 2019 till December 01, 2022, IFA has utilized an amount of Rs.

545,546,562 to support 19497 beneficiaries in the education sector while Rs. 8,096,311,579 has been disbursed to provide medical assistance among 54960 beneficiaries.

IFA has benefited 17544 special friends through spending an amount of Rs. 240,502,500 while 17935 beneficiaries were given assistance worth Rs. 386,765,000 in the general category.

Through Individual Financial Assistance (IFA), PBM supports the poor, widows, destitute women, orphans and disabled persons through general assistance, education, medical treatment and rehabilitation. The objective behind this initiative includes fulfillment of the immediate need of the poor, provision of medical treatment of major ailments and disabilities of the poorpatients, ensuring economic empowerment through rehabilitation and provision of education stipends to deserving and brilliant poor students of educational and technical institutions in the public sector.


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