Pakistan: American vlogger gang-raped by two in Punjab province | Oneindia News *News

Pakistan: American vlogger gang-raped by two in Punjab province | Oneindia News *News

A day after a burqa-clad woman was groped by an unidentified man in Pakistan’s Islamabad, a 21-year-old American woman was allegedly gang-raped by her “guide” and his accomplice in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

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43 thoughts on “Pakistan: American vlogger gang-raped by two in Punjab province | Oneindia News *News”

  1. This is a fake video and news to spread Pakistan wrong image to stop tourist if wanted to check the truth just search on YouTube Pakistan tourists visits and experience in Pakistan and hospitabilty of Pakistan.

  2. For all the clowns from US and Britain making racist anti-Pakistani comments. I am an American and I will advise you to look at our own back yard where the number of rapes is much higher than Pakistan.
    Do you have an opinion on the last 2 American presidents who both have credible rape accusations,. Two alleged rapists who became the heads of the so called free world. The current one Biden had naked showers with his daughter when she was a minor. In Pakistan punishment for rape can be death. In US and Britain you are out in 2 years. In Pakistan there are people on death row waiting to be executed. The West has pressured Pakistan to halt the executions because it is considered barbaric. I guess the West is comfortable that their many white male rapists are released after minimal jail time.

  3. The person was known to the girl and he video taped her and the plan was to blackmail her. I give credit to the Pakistani police for acting so quickly and stopping it from circulating. In similar incidents in India videos started circulating.

  4. As a Pakistani women my self I feel disgusted to the bones right now I can't expect the fact the in Pakistan there's a majority but there's minority of those too who are disgusting monsters who don't see the innocence of a child a women or an elderly women no women is save in front of these creatures I'm really happy that I was born in is really a supportive counties I'm happy that my brothers my dad was thought to respect a women a human being.
    Don't these women deserve that too.
    They monsters qre really spoiling Pakistan name and shame on the government who doesn't take any action on these type of actions.
    The government is a money hungry who ever stuff it's face there biased

  5. I see all the comments from Indians below. What happened here is one incident and It is disgusting. However I can send you links to 100 incidents of foreigners being molested in India. I am shocked that Indians would have the cheek to speak up on this topic.

  6. I see a lot of Indians trolling on this platform. I am from West Africa and Pakistani's are wonderful people., They are the least bigoted people I have met and they are not misogynistic as has been suggested. Unfortunately rapes happen around the world. Some men do not know how to behave normally.. Just read up on the state of major cities in the US and elsewhere. There are problems in Germany where I live.There have been numerous reported incidents of rape in India. So, I don't think the comments from Indians are appropriate.

  7. Pakistan is the Rape capital of world !!! Pakistanis government implemented RAPE EMERGENCY IN PAKISTAN!!!
    In last 6 months data 300 womens were rape and Buchered per 10 km radius in Pakistan in everyday well thats why rape emergency imposed in 26 june 2022 !!! And today's latest case in Pakistan is of 14 year old mariya who was raped by her father !!!
    Shame on Pakistan

  8. I don’t care what anyone says, she knew EXACTLY what could go wrong in a third world nation AND SHE STILL WENT. Why leave the safety of a first world nation? More importantly, why go alone? Going for a two week vacation to bring excitement into your life is one thing and living there is an entirely different thing. I don’t like to victim blame, but when are girls walking alone at night are perfectly safe? If this happens in America or any other first world nation, how could it NOT happen in Pakistan? (Before you hindongs say anything smart, anything that can be said for Pakistan can be said for India because the only difference between you is religion). Girls have never been safe alone and THIS is why Americans like having the freedom to carry guns wherever it’s appropriate. To protect yourself. As for the criminals, whatever they do should happen to them. If they r4pe a woman, they will be r4ped with plastic toys. Eye for an eye.

  9. This is good incident to a muslims who thinks clothes save women s from
    Rape and some people think
    Non muslim
    Girls rape because of not wearing a hijab
    Is hair sexual oragan
    If she wear shorts or open dresses some times people may get lust if the clothes are not familair.
    But how peole feel
    Lust when see a hair
    It is just a attraction

  10. Of course India talks about it, there are many same and even worse things happening in India like the Muslim girl who got rapped and the put on fire just because she didn’t want to get Married to a Hindu man

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