Oxygen Not Included - Most Dupes Record Attempt - Part 62

Oxygen Not Included – Most Dupes Record Attempt – Part 62

This is the sixty-second video in a series where I attempt to make a record for the most number of dupes in a colony, taken from my live twitch stream.

You can find me over at https://www.twitch.tv/gcfungus
Join the discord here: https://discord.gg/bnqYAUTMmn


2 thoughts on “Oxygen Not Included – Most Dupes Record Attempt – Part 62”

  1. hi i love this series but why don't you make 10 minutes video of the stream highlights. you have good voice and you keep the stream going even wean no one is there, so why not

  2. Hi GCFungus, I discovered your series and am loving it. I am on episode 6-7 ish – i decided to try and play along in my own game. I started a oasis map (not the same seed) and will try to break my own personal dupe record of 20. I watch a lot of John Francsis and have logged about 386 hours in ONI. I can get to late mid game pretty easy and know a lot of basics.. but struggle a lot to wrap my head around steam turbines and heat deletion. Also, a big problem I always run into my base always over pressurizes (even outside the base) can you do a tutorial bite on those 2 problems?……………… Im currently in cycle 107 have all the research for Turbines .. wish me luck im going try to get it put together for the first time!

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