Oscar's Sexy Friend, Selwyn- Violet Memoir #8

Oscar's Sexy Friend, Selwyn- Violet Memoir #8

A trip to the pool turns a bit steamy on the way…

After Wallace asks him a serious question, he finds out that Oscar’s is quite genuine in his affections towards our protagonist. Also, Selwyn is an adorable kitty!

Game- https://mikey-skye.itch.io/violet-memoir


11 thoughts on “Oscar's Sexy Friend, Selwyn- Violet Memoir #8”

  1. Poor Wallace lol. No heart breaking allowed!!!

    The music reminds me of the twilight music. Calming with the melody being in the higher range on the piano.

  2. God it's so annoying to get into a situation where you're body just refuses to talk for whatever reason…
    I remember the last presentation I had to do, got like three sentences in and then it happened. Had enough notes to just read them out loud, but my hole body flat out refused to continue in any way.

  3. 10:02 Argh…🤦‍♂️😅
    Well, during sparring in amateur boxing, I took one hit and now have eye floaters.(they look like strands of black hair that swim around in your vision) and some flashes. I trained for 7 months. Really enjoyed it. Gloves are soft, but my eyes were always bad. I just learned they could not take impact so I had to bail out. Nothing is worth going blind over. But if I could, I would go back.
    11:18 whatever that thing is, he's starving o.o

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