only for u

only for u

real love not in word ,this is kl yug but allways rem,, ur all finger not same , and my suggestion i f u want i love ?but fist check she love ,,my exp,,im dipration paitent because some one lafing .my exp…allways love with god,,,in realll ,im gurenty god allways care u and ur demands gift u,,mean this time is runing klug ok ,,bye if any like this song then plz call ,i hope one real person come in life and change me,im gipy ,punjab drinking habit family submint me in NA center ,they say 2 time agg,this this,but he lie,,a amricaan and canada na center ur trtment free, but when mom dad come ,wife come i meet one day my friend say gipy own marraige life and family problem naver share md (one 2 one)im torest person im make a new friend in mint,,this is my bad habitmmany im weeping so stop this letter not email,if any one like then please contact me i want go ,,usa or canada because if im not change my city then naver forget,,u amzon in center md dail my no and gipy tell how many time sex with own,im simple which word in my heart ,,these on my lips.he make fool ,torcher me ,wrong medicne give want im not a suuccfull in marriage life,and wife under me,,anyway im stp plz email me ,i want a new life.

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