Online spat between Shaniera Akram and Feroze Khan comes to an end

The online spat between Australian social activist Shaniera Akram and Pakistani actor Feroze Khan seems to have come to an end.

The argument between Shaniera and Feroze started when the former criticised the latter for driving his vehicle with his son in his lap, showing a complete disregard for the child safety rules.

In response to Shaniera’s criticism, Feroze said: “You are heard and ignored!”

However, Shaniera didn’t mind Feroze’s words and stuck to her stance on child safety. She wrote, “Ignore me that’s fine, but don’t ignore that your actions can have an impact on millions. Do the right thing @ferozekhaan, Stand up and protect the lives of children by promoting safety on our roads. Let’s work for the betterment of Pakistan not against it.”

Acknowleding Shaniera’s stance, Feroze wrote: “Your text sounds much better to me now I would love to promote safety and welfare anytime anywhere.But taking a direct shot for not knowing anything?I wouldnt wanna risk or anyone out there their own child like that is stupid to begin with. A father has to go through a lot here.”

As the war of words intensified between the two over the last few days, some celebrities jumed in to support Shaniera.

Putting their weight behind Shaniera, actress Ayesha Omar and model Fia Khan shared their experiences with road accidents and advocated for strict enforcement of road safety rules.

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