Noor Bukhari apologises for misunderstanding Shaniera Akram

For Australian social worker Shaniera Akram, every ugly argument turns into a pleasant friendship later on. After having an online spat with Lollywood actor Feroze Khan, Akram found herself in another virtual altercation with former Lollywood actress, Noor Bukhari, but luckily the ladies settled the issue amicably.

The online disagreement — between Bukhari and Akram — came to the limelight when the wife of cricket great Wasim Akram and the Khaani actor had been going back and forth at each other for carelessly driving with his child, and not following road safety rules. Following in the Khaani actor’s footsteps, actor Imran Ashraf also posted an Instagram story with his child in his lap. 

Shaniera lambasted Ashraf for setting a wrong example. At a time when other celebrities backed Akram, Bukhari chimed in to warn Ashraf not to engage in a conversation with Akram as Akram “comments on every celebrity” and schools others on “parenting styles.”

Following the Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actor’s apathetic response, the star later issued a detailed video clarifying his actions on Instagram.

Before Ashraf’s video, in the comment section, Bukhari said, “Please ignore her as she has commitments to every celebrity. She commented on mine and Resham’s posts as well and we completely ignored her. I don’t even know who she is. You don’t need to explain as every parent is aware of their child’s safety and well-being. More power to you stay blessed we all love and pray for you and your family.”

However, Akram reposted Bukhari’s suggestions and clarified that she “never said anything” to her other than disagreeing that Humayun Saeed was too old to play romantic heroes.

Akram further stated that it “kills” her to “see people especially with big followings, doing dangerous things with their kids.”

The Aussie claimed that “its just not ok” with her.

Bukhari, realising she misconstrued Akram’s words, suggested, “You are absolutely right on the safety parts of our kids. I apologise that I [misunderstood] you. I feel no same to apologise as my comment was not in good taste. I m sorry.”

To this, Akram sweetly responded saying, “Wow thank you didn’t really expect that. At least this is cleared up. We can move forward now.”

Fortunately, Khan and Akram have also settled the issue agreeing that children’s safety is something really important.

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