NFL Week 15 recap: 'What are they doing?!' | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (FULL Ep. 437) | NFL on NBC

NFL Week 15 recap: 'What are they doing?!' | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (FULL Ep. 437) | NFL on NBC

Holy **** what a weekend it was in the NFL. From the Vikings’ epic comeback to overtime walk-offs to possibly the most bone-headed play in NFL history, Chris (@CSimmsQB) and Ahmed (@FareedNBCS) recap all of Week 15. Plus, Kayvon Thibodeaux calls out Simms after SNF.

(4:30) Raiders def. Patriots: Jakobi Meyers makes all-time mistake, and we still aren’t sure Keelan Cole was in
(15:15) Jaguars def. Cowboys: Trevor Lawrence is finally controlling his fastball
(22:30) Chargers def Titans: Should Mike Vrabel have gone for two?
(28:15) Giants def. Commanders: Terry McLaurin’s ref story doesn’t add up
(44:45) Lions def. Jets: Detroit calls the perfect “oh sh!t” play
(52:30) Bengals def. Buccaneers: Tom Brady is battered by a “fairly tough defense”
(58:30) Chiefs def. Texans: Patrick Mahomes sets another record
(1:01:45) Eagles def. Bears: “Justin Fields is the most exciting player in football”
(1:07:30) Vikings def. Colts: “This game felt like NFL Blitz”
(1:14:25) Bills def. Dolphins: “Tua answered some questions for me”
(1:19:00) Browns def. Ravens: Can this defense carry Baltimore?
(1:22:25) Steelers def. Panthers: “This game was made for Pittsburgh”
(1:27:10) Saints def. Falcons: “I feel the need, the need for Shaheed”
(1:29:30) Broncos def. Cardinals: “This is where I feel bad for Russell Wilson”
(1:31:00) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed lays the 2022 Cardinals to rest
(1:33:30) Rams-Packers MNF preview: Chris is threading the needle

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NFL Week 15 recap: ‘What are they doing?!’ | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (FULL Ep. 437) | NFL on NBC


44 thoughts on “NFL Week 15 recap: 'What are they doing?!' | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (FULL Ep. 437) | NFL on NBC”

  1. This dude is DEFINITELY a "Viking Hater" if he spends ALL the time complaining about the personal fouls against the Colts, which were extremely minor in nature, and virtually NOTHING about the TWO TOUCHDOWNS the referees robbed from the Vikings! This is just extremely ridiculous bias on Chris's part at this point. Lol!!!!

  2. Simms is so bias when he talks about Hurts. "Just throw it up, and my guy catches it." Really? So when Mahomes or Allen air it out into tight windows it's high level, but when Hurts does it it's his receivers? What a joke dude.

    I dont know or listen to anyone who understands football and tries to downplay what Hurts is doing more than this dude. Where's all this "analysis" when Kelse bales Mahomes out on third and long by going off script and smokes a DB? Don't even get me started on the prayers Pat use to toss up to Tyreek. Or what about when Allen throws it up to Diggs and Davis. He acts like these other dudes don't have extremely capable receivers that make them look good all the time.

    You can claim that it's the system all you want. The fact is the system only works as well as it does because of how good Hurts is. I've watched breakdowns of his tape, along with watching it myself. There's very few if any throws Hurts can't make, he's regularly throwing guys open, his ball placement is solid, he rarely makes bad decisions, and his ability to read the defense and make quick decisions is getting better by the week. This pretending like he's being carried has to stop.

    Also, that second pick he threw against the bears was not a "bad throw". It was an in rhythm pass and a broken rout by Watkins. Sure maybe he shouldn't have thrown it, but that was only his 5th pick of the year. That makes at leat 3 out of his 5 picks that you can easily argue weren't even his fault. I don't like making excuses for turnovers but the tape doesn't lie. Hurts plays borderline flawless football week after week. The Eagles are the best team in football, and it's inarguably because of him. To insinuate that they would even be half as good with Minshew as the starter is just lazy and disrespectful. I can tell you right now, every Eagles fan is terrified of the idea of Minshew starting against the Cowboys.. we're all desperately hoping Hurts' shoulder is okay lol

  3. It was a bad play, but the ULTIMATE BLAME IS ON THE HEAD COACH… HE SHOULD HAVE CALLED FOR ONE OF TWO PLAYS. 3 seconds left. Pass immediately to the sideline or concede and take a knee go to overtime…. L O L

  4. The refs were against Washington in both of their games against New York. Either the league wants the revenue that comes with a New York team in the Playoffs or they don't want Dan Snyder's team in the Playoffs or both.

  5. Honestly I’m a little conflicted. I’m always happy when the Bills win. But on the other hand McDermott has not addressed any of the things the team is poor at in 5 years. Defensively they are only great at situational defense through a combo of great plays made by players and some good coaching. he’s no different than a average DC. He just just gets bailed out by Allen almost every week. Zero run game without Allen for 5 years plus our WRs don’t do dick after the catch as again Bills YAC is near bottom of the league. Then we see other coaches who do what they can to make life better for their qb in less than 1 year ex Bengals and their Oline. But as long as the Bills keep winning regular season games which could the only thing they do win highly doubt McDerott will be shown the door. I prey he proves me wrong! Cause I still can’t and won’t ignore how he has changed this team from what it was before.

    Fun fact four of the top five passing leaders have just above or below 50% of their passing yards is from YAC. Unfortunately for Allen just under 23 percent of his passing Yards come from YAC making it crazy that he’s even in the top 5.

  6. Are you talking about the personal foul on Stephon Gilmore where he literally went airborne to try to decapitate Jefferson? If so… Wtf? Dude should have been thrown out for that hit. I agree personal fouls are out of control, but this was a dirty hit, one of many by Gilmore. He was TRYING to hurt Jefferson all game, until they finally took him off the assignment.

  7. Chris you are the WORST evaluator of talent EVER.
    It’s obvious you don’t know football regarding your comments about Hurts. He has proven to deserve the MVP without question. Sorry you’re just a Hurts hater. Frankly you should not be ever covering football based on all of your bad calls. Just my 2 cents.

  8. I know it wont happen but they should make it that you cant have have a white sole on your shoe. It has been exploited and people will continue to exploit it like this to confuse people. Just get it stopped and put a colored sole on all shoes.

  9. One of my favorite come backs was a London game. My favorite team the lions against who else, Matt Ryan's falcons. Lions were down 22 at half. They played nearly perfectly the second half and barely allowed Atlanta to get past midfield the whole second half

  10. how is Ahmed every single episode so consistently such a downer. Such a buzzkill. always taking subtle jabs at Simms. It’s like he can’t be funny without it being at Simms’ expense. but he’s not funny anyway so it’s just pathetic and sad. while Simms is the most courteous and nicest guy

  11. It is actually egregious that Simms is mentioning the bad ref calls against the Colts with greater emphasis than the bad calls vs the Vikings in that game. It is undisputable that the refs created a 21 point swing in favor of the Colts (2 Defensive TDs called back, one of which lead to an immediate pick 6 when Reagor jumped out of the way of the pass). Not even mentioned was the phantom facemask call against the Vikings on a great punt return. How can Simms say "I've never seen them call a play dead that fast as they did on Matt Ryan's QB sneak) when they literally did it TWICE that game against the Vikings (both fumble recoveries). I question if Simms is just biased against the Vikings because of preconceived narratives, or if he just doesn't watch their games very close.

  12. Trevor Lawrence is perfect example of what Bradshaw has been saying: we have to give these young QB’s at least 3-5 years before we judge their worth. I think it took Drew Brees a bunch of years and multiple teams before he found his game. What do you think?

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