NEW DETAILS: Chester Jackson claims sexual assault while in custody

NEW DETAILS: Chester Jackson claims sexual assault while in custody

A motions hearing Monday had Chester Jackon Jr.’s lawyers trying to obtain records from the county, the City of Caldwell, the Texas Rangers.


14 thoughts on “NEW DETAILS: Chester Jackson claims sexual assault while in custody”

  1. In this day and age ( as the cops always say ) we no longer have police that protect and serve. We don't even have law enforcement. What we have is ego tripping out of control bullies with guns and badges ,that use gestapo tactics on the public that pay them. The police are no longer professional officers. They are gang members out to get you And they wonder why there is a disconect with the police and the public.. Always record the police, you just may save a life.

  2. Hahahahaha. These stupid fucks with 6 wks “training “. Not only acting like judge jury and executioner they’re playing doctor by giving drugs to prisoners which they have no idea how they work what they do and how to handle the effects of said drugs I can’t wait to go to war against these fucks

  3. Working in the prison system… I know it happens… But NOT in our medical department. We see EVERY medical emergency no matter if we believe them or not…. Bihh I need my license! Seeing this shit makes me sick

  4. That is attempted murder a bunch of murders in the media are in doing enough you guys are not doing enough to help this brother out these guys are a bunch of gangsters in a deserve to be in gaol the FBI is sitting in their asses in doing doing shit about it bastards

  5. As a custody officer, seeing the way the officer pushed him backwards, thats just crazy he could of banged his head and been seriously hurt or even killed, as a custody this is one of the most stupid things I have seen, no matter what your feelings you have towards this young man, you have a duty of care.

  6. This keeps up and someones family member will be waiting with a m40a3 and take swift justice on these POS COs. End of a tyrants abuse on the public.. WoW just over medicate him to justify our wrong doings. America is all F uped, So glad i packed up my family and moved up here to Montreal.

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