NEUTRALBOY - Tired of Being Drunk & Lonely

NEUTRALBOY – Tired of Being Drunk & Lonely

**Shot in HD — long before EVERYONE owned a DSLR.**

Pacific Northwest Punk band — NEUTRALBOY — music video shot in the ‘…not-quite-yet-world-famous….’ Manette Saloon, Bremerton WA.
– Video appearances by many well-known Bremerton bar/music scene regulars.
– Song recorded at Monkey Trench Studios, Bremerton WA with several guest artists.
– Intro/opening ditty performed by Mike Hererra’s Tumbledown.

“ You know, if something’s not broke, why even THINK about fixing it? Neutralboy is a classic Northwest band that started in ye olden times of nineteen hundred and ninety-two. Three-chord shit-punk magic. Eighteen-plus years playing the same three-chord bangers—the same shit-punk songs from records with shit-punk titles like Everybody Dies, Best Sex Ever, and the newest, From Normal to Weirdo in Minutes. They play fast and they play hard. They call people “fuckers.” They once had a band T-shirt that simply said, “DICK TO CRY ON.” At this point, they’re not gonna change or make any compromises. And, truth is, they don’t need to. KELLY O”
— Kelly O, The Stranger

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