Naughty or Nice | Full Episode | ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | PBS

Naughty or Nice | Full Episode | ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | PBS

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ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is making a list and checking it twice in this “Naughty or Nice” special episode! To heat up the year-end holiday season, this lineup of favorite past appraisals will satisfy everyone’s wish list. Highlights include: Marilyn Monroe ‘s iconic dress from “Some Like It Hot,” an 1863 railroad temperance lithograph, a 1967 Gerald Ford letter, a Paolo Venini art glass vase, Monte-Carlo posters from around 1950, a 1923 Dempsey-Gibbons fight bell, a 1925 Marc Chagall signed etching, George Ohr pottery made around 1900, E. J. Bellocq Storyville photographs, a Will & Finck gambling wheel, a William S. Burroughs collection, a George W. Sotter oil painting, a Brewster Stereoscopic Viewer with the box and slides, a Roseville experimental vase, and an 1877 Jules Tavernier paining. Which is $150,000-$250,000?

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00:00 Open
01:11 1967 Gerald Ford Letter with Envelope
03:22 1863 Railroad Temperance Lithograph
05:47 Paolo Venini Art Glass Vase
07:11 Younger Brothers Autograph Book
09:51 Fake painting
10:38 Monte-Carlo Posters, ca. 1950
12:44 1925 Marc Chagall Signed Etching
15:19 E. J. Bellocq Storyville Photographs
17:54 George W. Sotter Oil Painting
21:26 Field Segment: Car Mascots
25:48 1813 Fielding’s “Female Husband!” Book
29:01 Whaling Collection, ca. 1850
32:03 Will & Finck Gambling Wheel
34:31 William S. Burroughs Collection
37:02 Brewster Stereoscopic Viewer with Box & Slides
38:16 1923 Dempsey-Gibbons Fight Bell
40:26 Roseville Experimental Vase, ca. 1925
42:29 Ben Thompson-Owned Hall Stand, ca. 1880
44:24 1877 Jules Tavernier Painting
47:03 Marilyn Monroe “Some Like It Hot” Dress
49:20 George Ohr Pottery, ca. 1900


23 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice | Full Episode | ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | PBS”

  1. Happy Holidays!

    "After the episode aired, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW received an email from Patricia Lowry, the architecture critic for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who believed that the reference to "Horny" was probably far more respectable than its owner suspected. She wrote, "The inscription 'To Horny' would have been to Henry Hornbostel, architect and head of Carnegie Tech [College of Fine Arts] where Mr. Sotter taught. 'Horny' was his nickname."

  2. The Sotter painting clip really got to me. I understand what its like to not live your dreams or try b/c of life getting in the way and responsibilities during economic hardships. She never got to live her dreams but still wanted to be a part of that world by enjoying the work of someone else's dream. I can understand why her son was so emotional. He probably knew the inner sadness she probably had

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