Namra Qadir Delhi Scam EXPOSED - Honey Trap Scam worth INR 80 lakh | Husband Virat Beniwal runs away

Namra Qadir Delhi Scam EXPOSED – Honey Trap Scam worth INR 80 lakh | Husband Virat Beniwal runs away

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a shocking incident comes to light where A Delhi based YouTuber Namra Qadir and Virat Beniwal (Husband) honey-trapped a Gurgaon businessman and extorted Rs 80 lakh over months, and threatened to frame him in a fake r@pe case. Both of them are YouTube and Instagram stars. Who is Namara Qadir? Why was she arrested?

Please spread awareness and share this video with all the Men you are in contact with. General Social awareness can prevent many similar incidents.

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36 thoughts on “Namra Qadir Delhi Scam EXPOSED – Honey Trap Scam worth INR 80 lakh | Husband Virat Beniwal runs away”

  1. These type of videos are damn important and yes it's applicable for all age. Social media influencers especially women are more dangerous than a struggling Bollywood actress. These people are hungrier than ever and the lengths they can go is scary.

  2. Mei galat chizo ka favour nahi kr rahi hu….. but after your video…. I was scrolling up the virat beniwal and the woman you mentioned accounts…… kisi gadhe ko bhi dekh ky pta chal jaaye ki married couple hei…..

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    They have give very less time to prepare since last mains attempt was just 6 months ago
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    Please stand with us

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