My Lover and Live-In Girlfriend - Notary Publix

My Lover and Live-In Girlfriend – Notary Publix

A lonely Gina is courted by a handsome notary with a swagger in his stamp. Will Teresa sign an affidavit to their love? Why is he getting a call from that trash Erin Oatmeal? Why did the Notary cross the road? Find out in this very very special episode of Notary Publix. (Rated M for Mozzarella)

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21 thoughts on “My Lover and Live-In Girlfriend – Notary Publix”

  1. I never watch the pre-video ads on YT. I click on the Skip asap. I watched this and was blown away! I love it! Subscribe! Reminds me of Nick Kroll, which is a big compliment in my opinion. Actually I may like it better. Humor is so subjective and mine is on the esoteric side and there for hard to find stuff that hits me just right. Definitely above average! Thanks AV!

  2. I can't get enough of this. I think this should be pitched to anyone and everyone; but not literally everyone.

    This could easily play on Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Netflix, and others that I don't want to say because I'm selfish and I want to be able to watch it myself (Amazon, Hulu, and stuff I can't think of).

  3. Kate and her sister really look alike 🙂 I think it's cute that Emily's right dimple is more prominent, while Kate's left one is more clear! They're both really funny!

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