My Goals for 2021 | More Hannah

My Goals for 2021 | More Hannah

Hello 2021! My goals this year look a bit different from my usual because I’m trying not to rely as heavily on numbers to create them 🤯 so let’s talk through what I’m hoping to do! Let us know in the comments if you are setting yourself any goals and if you know any sex-positive illustrators! 🌻

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46 thoughts on “My Goals for 2021 | More Hannah”

  1. Really loved everything you said about being creative, I'm really going to try to do the same – set the context for creativity instead of magically hoping it will come out of nowhere 🙂

  2. It honestly sounds a bit odd to me to schedule a time to 'do what comes to mind' but I think you'll adapt it to suit you as you go. Maybe the important thing is to separate performance from creativity

  3. I feel like I have spent years trying to figure out what I like creating, and trying to overcome a creative block, it's definitely hard. If you still considering an illustrator for sexy scribbles, please consider my art, insta It's a little bare bones at the moment.

  4. I’m sticking with the same goal I had last year which is to read a book a month, or an average of a book a month. I do like to read however, my comprehension deficiency means that it takes me longer to get through the books. I end up rereading bits as I go along. I did complete my goal in 2020, barely, but only because I thought I was ahead a book for a few months and then I realized in December that I was actually behind because goodreads had marked me at reading book of dust volume 2 twice and I slacked in the last few months. Ended up reading a book of cartoons about Covid and the US election that our friend did (keep calm and bury on). So I’m sure that I would have been able to get my goal done sooner. I’m just starting a book by a friend that’s been turned into a movie! So excited. Not sure if it’s going to be released outside of the UK or not though.

  5. Omg our goals fit together perfectly! My goal is to illustrate things that are not just for myself and eventually make money off of it! My instagram is I do a lot of sex positive and midwife related things on there, I know there is not that much illustrating up on my instagram, if you're interested in how I illustrate stuff you can message me and I can send you more work 🙂

  6. I know this isn't really about the video above, but I was hoping that you would be able to do the negatives of watching to much porn video. I would love to hear insights into being porn positive but also understanding the things that can go wrong with watching too much porn. Always love the content. 😊😊🎊🎊

  7. For sex ed related reels on tiktok, the concept is that people reply and then you can do video responses so people who want extra info will typically watch those. Basically use the curiosity of your viewers as the starting point.

  8. I'm in the beginning of "Big magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert and I think you probably will like it, or it will be useful – creatively talking. Just the first 20ish pages I think are on the subject of the last 10 minutes of this video 😁

    These last 10 minutes are just what I needed to hear, to think about. Thank you.❤

  9. My goals for 2021 are: 
    Launch my new business. 
    Get a few online courses up.
    Grow my email list.
    Make progress on my autobiography.
    Survive –> seems really corny, but I am already alive almost 11 years longer than expected and I want to continue defying death for a long while yet! I've got too much to do. I've just survived COVID against the odds (I have exceptionally complex medical needs and weak lungs, no one expected me to survive), and have another severe multi-resistant infection to deal with that is only responsive to 1 antibiotic, but I am determined to be here in a year's time writing "Goal for 2022 – survive!" and carry on defying death. 🙂

  10. Hannah, you are so smart and you can do whatever you want! it seems that you are itching to do things differently and grow and experiment, but you are too scared of letting go of what you know. don't let it hold you back! experiment! look at videos by other creators and pinpoint something you want to incorporate or a style you want to try! you are more than capable of doing anything you want!!!

  11. also re: creativity. I genuinely believe that creativity and art are just human traits, that are inherent in us, and we don't need to be good at the art for the art to be good for us. it just is! you don't have to identify as a creative or an artist to be allowed to create. you paint, you create, therefore you are an artist! stop letting the boxes define what you can or cannot do!

  12. I've started an illustration that is not quite related to my goal of becoming a tattoo artist, but giving myself some space to create something unrelated has honestly let my mind wonder and think of some really exciting ideas for my tattoo illustration work!

  13. I've never used Skillshare but I have spent many happy hours on YouTube and BOY is your weekly morning off crying out for a Skillshare sponsorship. Wishing you joy on your creative adventures!

  14. @beeillustrates on insta is AMAZING and could definitely be up for sexy scribbles I think!! she has worked w the razor brand Estrid and make amzing body positive and diverse illustrations for them

  15. As a first-year grad student, I don't know that I have any goals outside of things that will already be expected of me this year, like choosing my thesis topic and starting to research and write it over the summer. Besides that, I am finding it difficult to look too far ahead. But more importantly, I don't want to feel like I've given myself goals that are completely unattainable just because I had no idea the year/my thesis/etc. would take so much bandwidth. Like you, I think, Hannah, I'm trying to be more fluid and just listen to what my needs are and do my best!

  16. All the best to you, all the best in 2021. Sending you plenty of energy, the universe are shifting towards you. I think the big lesson taken away from 2020 is ACCEPTANCE. So for 2021 I strive for inner immersion, development, growth and deeper self-love. I also started my youtube channel. So let's connect ❤️

  17. Quite honestly, my goal for this year is to survive and if I'm lucky, find myself again. My husband and I are in such a bad place financially thanks to a lot of bad luck and covid that I've lost myself just trying to earn a paycheck enough to barely put a roof over our heads. The pressure of it all is quite miserable. So if we can survive through this and start pulling ourselves out, I'll be satisfied.

  18. i see creativity as creation or the urge to create, i see content creation as something inherently creative, i don't think our minds can be shut off from creation our senses constantly create electrical signals that create our perception of reality, this is an active thing, we depend on creation to experience life, we make our living happen to continue to exist in motion

    i view art as expression, as translation of something internal, i think there's an art to communication even, to the performance of selfhood

  19. oh my god, I knew you had made this video and I couldn't find it me not knowing you had 2 channels I think i even commented it under one of your posts and someone told me I was mad! So glad i found it!

  20. I’m going to be back as a patreon soon, mine wouldn’t log in which bummed me out but I got my pin and then moved, so I don’t know where it’s gone. My ex wife walked out 3 weeks ago, and she took some of my stuff. I hope she didn’t take my pin. I loved my pin. Is there any way to get another one if I can’t find it?

  21. my goals are to pay half of my student loans off ( just graduated in April!), start piano lessons ( my mother and grandmother both played ) and travel again if covid allows ! appreciate your videos!

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