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My Girlfriend Stopped Calling Me – What Should I Do?

Both of you used to talk a few times a week or every day on the phone, but she just stopped calling you suddenly. You start to wonder, “Why did my girlfriend stop calling me? Is she busy, or trying to dump me, or what?”

What should you do now? You probably will panic and wonder why my girlfriend stopped calling and may just keep on calling her continuously. She is not answering and you panic further. The first thing that you need to do now is to stop calling her.

If she is avoiding your phone calls in anyway, no matter how many times you are going to call her, you will not reach her. However, if she doesn’t hear from you, she may just call you back out of curiosity.

When you stop calling her, it is actually as good as releasing yourself from any tension. Relax your mood and give her some time to sort her thinking. Maybe your relationship is already having some problems, but just that you did not notice it. Take this chance to find out what went wrong with the relationship and also reflect on the ways you treat her and probably from there, you may just find out an answer why she is behaving like this.

If she suddenly calls you one day, you should just react in a very normal and calm way. Even if your heart is excited to hear from her, you should just stay as cool as possible. However, if she calls and tell you that she wants to break off with you, do not show out any of your desperation, especially if you still have the intention to get her back. Never cry or beg her to patch up. In order to win her heart completely, you cannot rush or force her in doing anything she does not like.

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