Moldova Must Develop Strategic Ties With Russia – Ex-President

CHISINAU (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 23rd December, 2022) Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon said on Thursday that the republic must develop strategic ties with Russia.

Moldova is in need of strategic relations with Russia. Our market is there, energy resources are there. We should not join the Russia sanctions. And we should categorically not withdraw from the CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States), as (incumbent President) Maia Sandu is going to do. Otherwise, we will have a visa regime with all the countries of the Commonwealth,” Dodon said in an interview with Moldovan broadcaster N4.

The ex-president added that the pro-Western course of the country’s politics “is conducted under the dictation of foreign circles and is contrary to the interests of the country.”

Dodon also noted that tensions in Moldovan society are growing, which could lead to a social revolt.

Moldova’s membership in the CIS has become a topic of discussion since the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. In May, Sandu said that the country should stay within the CIS as long as it meets its national interests.

In July, President of the Moldovan Parliament Igor Grosu stated that Chisinau was not accepting invitations to CIS meetings and should seriously look into possible withdrawal from the institution.

Moldovan Justice Minister Sergiu Litvinenco said on December 9 that the government had proposed a “Magnitsky-Moldova” draft law, which provides for sanctions against individuals and legal entities, including media. It will allow the Audiovisual Council to revoke licenses of companies owned by, associated with, or endorsing persons on the blacklist.

Regular anti-government demonstrations have been taking place across Moldova since mid-September, attracting thousands of the Sor party’s supporters. Moldova‘s opposition has repeatedly accused the government of failing to cope with the economic crisis amid record inflation that reached 33.97% in September and deteriorating living standards. The country’s leadership has also been criticized for its unwillingness to negotiate better gas prices with Russia and for putting political pressure on opponents.

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