Minnetonka Schools Board Meeting 120320

Minnetonka Schools Board Meeting 120320

Recognitons 0:00
Truth in Taxation Hearing 44:46
I. Call of Regular Meeting to Order 1:20:53
II. Pledge to the Flag 1:21:11
III. Adoption of the Agenda 1:21:56
IV. School Report: MHS 1:23:07
V. Community Comments 1:46:00
VI. Acceptance of FY20 Audit 1:49:30
VII. Adoption of 2020 Payable 2021 Levy 2:21:00
VIII. Approval of MCE Fees 2:26:10
b. Minnetonka Preschool
c. Explorers Club
IX. Approval of New Course Proposals, Changes and Deletions 2:51:29
X. Approval of 2021 Legislative Position Statements 2:55:54
XI. Adoption of Policy #522: Title IX Sex Nondiscrimination Policy,
Grievance Procedure and Process 2:58:46
a. Minutes of November 5, 2020 Regular Meeting
b. Study Session Summary of November 19, 2020
c. Payment of Bills
d. Recommended Personnel Items
e. Gifts and Donations
f. Electronic Fund Transfers
g. Approval of Designated Combined Polling Places
XIII. Board Reports 3:00:36
XIV. Superintendent’s Report 3:00:44
XV. Announcements 3:05:32
XVI. Adjournment 3:06:30

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