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Men Can Easily Shift From Being Close And Caring To Being Distant And Unresponsive

Increase in number of divorces after marriage or breakup even before the couple marries is the hard fact through which currently the human race is passing. Getting into relationships ‘n’ number of times and then breaking up just because their better half becomes their bitter half is the de-facto of relationships today. Although both the man and the woman are responsible for breakups in relationships, here we will try to analyze how change in behavior of males could force a change in behavior of females.

While the relationship is in its infancy men can even stand upside down to bring a smile on her face. He will call her daily, keep note of the small problems which she is facing and leave all his important work just to make her feel warm, loving and cozy. He unknowingly understands the fact that she loves to share her thoughts with him. He would listen to her and later on regularly make the same mistake i.e. he starts solving those problems even when she expects him to listen to her problems only.

Let us take an example of an unmarried couple Bob and Jenny who have been dating for almost two years. On one regular Saturday evening date the conversation starts:

Bob: You’re looking tired?

Jenny: Yeah, there was double work this week at office.

Bob: Why don’t you leave your job?

Jenny: But I love it.

Bob: What is so good in it when it leaves you tired?

Jenny: This was a rare case honey, else I love my work. It pays me well and helps me explore myself.

Bob: I will give you the money you need but you won’t work from now on. You need to take care of yourself.

Jenny: You cannot rule me this way. Sorry but I cannot leave my work.

(Silence prevailed there after…)

Here Bob cares for Jenny and hence said all what you read but he overlooked the fact that Jenny never wanted a solution for her problem. She just wanted him to listen to her problem and expected a reply like “You are a hard working girl dear and this is why I love you. Just tell me whenever you need me.”

In such situations (shown in conversations above), when she complains that he always thinks against her wishes, he will go on to reason that she is being too critical and demanding even when he is trying to solve her problems. He feels unappreciated and confused. And after that he won’t ever realize how easily he shifted from being close and caring to being distant and unresponsive.

We have also talked about how men start giving importance to larger sized gifts once their relationship grows and to earn for those huge gifts they forget to give time to their better half. Once again, they become distant even when they are working for her.

Hence males need to realize that she loved him because of the excitement and understanding nature, which he showed. He needs to continue with that old style of his if he wants the charm of their relationship to continue.

Source by Salman Siddiqui

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