Members call me “Sexy Sejeong” [Happy Together/2019.11.07]

Members call me “Sexy Sejeong” [Happy Together/2019.11.07]

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▶ Happy Together Ep.611 | 해피투게더
– Showtime : Thurs 23:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)

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21 thoughts on “Members call me “Sexy Sejeong” [Happy Together/2019.11.07]”

  1. She is so talented like:-
    She can sing very very well
    She can dance
    She can rap
    She is so strong
    She is beautiful and pretty
    She can act
    She is good at archery
    And many things she can do she is a full package.
    And I get in kpop because of her. Love her and I want her to be famous worldwide
    Love her💖❤️💜

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