Me & My Song SE2 EP1 ~ "Welcome to the Show"

Me & My Song SE2 EP1 ~ “Welcome to the Show”

Welcome to the Show:
A sexy, bluesy tune that seamlessly leaps in to a rocky kinda rolly tune, once those playful choruses roll around! “Welcome to the Show” is funny and fun as Jessica Leia sings about enjoying life even though it’s kinda scary…

You can download “Welcome to the Show” here –

* Jessica Leia on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
* Rich DiBenedetto on Drums
* Rob McCloskey on Bass Guitar
* Dean Kattari on Lead Guitar
* Mixed and Mastered by Dean Kattari
* Produced by Dean Kattari and Jessica Leia

You can download “Welcome to the Show” SOLO here –
* Jessica Leia on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
* Mixed and Mastered by Dean Kattari

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ISRC: ushm92061160

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Are you watching the show or starring in it? Jessica Leia pretty much feels like she’s always doing both in this show we call life. That, she says, is part of why this month’s song “Welcome to the Show,” was ever even born.
Learn the history of how Jessica was chillin’ in a theta brain wave state when a sudden peace about life and all of its goings-on inspired her to write this tune. In fact, Jessica says life wrote this song for her, she just had to make sure to rhyme the words at the end of each line with words at the end of the next line.

And please do step right up as a double-sided task master mischievously tries to sell you tickets to this somewhat questionable show, all the while, ensuring you that you can’t put a price on such an event … even though you will die at the end.

Enjoy a little story about when – whilst on “medicine” – Life, herself came to visit Jessica in order to set Jessica straight about what it means to actually embrace Life.

In the end, even with all the potential hazards of living in this show we call life, (like lions and tigers and bears … and STD’s), Jessica still stands by the lyrics in this month’s song “Welcome to the Show” that assuredly state: “Don’t be afraid, it’s just life!”

Jessica Leia sings “Welcome to the Show” for yu’ – SOLO – in the Raw Reveal. Join Jessica and her friend Grace, as she performs for you a finger snappin’ kinda song, in good ol’ fashioned “girl with a guitar” style – a song about the show we call life!

This week on “Me and My Song”, Jessica Leia and her band of wild hooligans are heading over to Skyline studios to record The Basic Tracks for “Welcome to the Show”. As always, there will be lots of sarcasm, lots of chocolate and LOTS of doo doos … wait wha? … as Jessica Leia and the guys try to remember what the heck they rehearsed yesterday, so that they can actually record it today… Yesterday can seem so long ago sometimes.

And it can be rather difficult to communicate in a recording session when people are all separated from each other, so sometimes you ultimately just end up talking to the hand. (Insert emoji hand here) But something must get accomplished in this recording session because at the end of the day, Jessica made a whole, entire video about it! So, have a seat and join the bass player in pulling out some fat rolls because it’s time to rock AND roll! ….. Dah doo dah doo doo doo…

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed taking a look at the wild musical adventures Jessica Leia has had while creating this month’s song: “Welcome to the Show”.
‘Cause, well, gee golly, she’s gonna show the music video that is, of course, comprised of all the footage she has collected over the last month and where, of course, you will be able to enjoy the final, recorded, mixed and mastered version of the very first tune for Season 2 here on “Me & My Song”!

All sound effects by Jessica Leia or complements of

Written, Edited, Directed and Produced by Jessica Leia
Copyright © 2018 Jessica Leia

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