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Make Your Woman Have A Screaming Orgasm: 3 Powerful Tips

There are tons of rumors of about sexual pleasure, it’s no wonder that men are so confused about how to make their women come — let alone have a screaming orgasm.

All women crave sex. If you can give get a woman to the point of a screaming orgasm, then she will not want to leave you, because most women almost never experience screaming orgasms. Now if you’re concerned about the whole penis size issue, don’t worry, because there is another factor which is TEN times more important than penis size. If you want to give a woman such intense sexual pleasure that she reaches the point of a screaming orgasm, then you must not only arouse her physically, you must arouse her emotionally.

Sexual ecstasy for a woman is strongly correlated to her emotional state. It does not batter if you’re as “big” as King Kong, if you cannot emotionally arouse her, she won’t even come close to having a screaming orgasm with you.

There are three variables you need to manage in order to get her to have powerful screaming orgasms with you:

Number One: Attraction. Most guys are busy being obsessed with their penis size or whatever other irrelevant insecurity they have, and they don’t realize that the number one factor they need to pay attention to his her attraction to you. This is completely in your control. If you think she’s attracted to you, the reality is, she could be ten times more attracted to you if you eliminated a couple weak behaviors and replaced them with stronger ones. Can you imagine what sexual pleasure she might have with you if she wasn’t just borderline interested in you, but she was dying to be with you? The more she is anticipating having sex with you, the easier it is to have a screaming orgasm.

Spend time amplifying her attraction as much as you can. In fact, I aim to have my women see me as the most attractive man they’ve ever met. I have several tricks for this. Make her work harder for you, and don’t make it easy on her. The more work she puts in, the more she attraction she have, and the better chances that she will have a screaming orgasm. Next, be the alpha male and take charge. Women crave leadership in a man. As you comfortably take the masculine role, it allows her to be more feminine — and it will be more natural to have that screaming orgasm. Don’t forget to have a strong dominant tone of voice (dirty talk is always good). Alpha body language is important too. Most importantly, you must get her to fantasize you as her ultimate sex fantasy.

Number Two: Emotional Blocks. Many women don’t realize that their inability to have intense sexual pleasure is not due to other men, but their own mental blocks. These mental blocks often come from emotional hurt in the past; carrying around such baggage makes a screaming orgasm virtually impossible. I had a client who could orgasm consistently for more than 10 years because her first boyfriend laughed at her after she came for the first time. After she is powerfully attracted to you, take the time to clear up her emotional blocks. It takes trust, and open communication about previous hurt. Here’s a tip: when you open up to her about your scars, she will do the same, and grow closer to you in the process.

Number Three: Physically Escalate With Confidence. Start with foreplay, well in advance. For me, I start foreplay hours before sex…That’s just the tone of my relationships, I condition my women to always be aroused in my presence. This way, a screaming orgasm is an inevitability!

Flirt, tease, be warm, then cold, then gentle and rough. Maybe you might gently caress her as you tell her she’s sweet and lovable, then give her a little bite as you notify her about the punishment she’s about to receive for being so hot. You can also gently massage her whole body, and deliberately avoid the x-rated areas until she desperately wants you to touch those areas, and stop for a while to check your cell phone!

You must have strong attraction and then uproot her insecurities before you worry about physically escalating. Her bad relationship with her daddy, or last boyfriend might be why she cannot come with you. Also, it should always be your goal to be her ultimate sexual fantasy. This is the only way to consistently have wild sex and screaming orgasms with you. With this basic method, I can consistently make women come at least twice whenever we have sex. To learn more about dating, relationships and sex, see my site.

Source by Caleb Clayton

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