Make money SELLING options | Xtrades

Make money SELLING options | Xtrades

Learn how to make money by selling options instead of buying them. When you sell an option you get the money upfront called the premium. You get to keep that premium no matter what happens. The trick is to make sure you set up the trade so that the option DOESNT get exercised. In other words you want the trade to stay OTM, or Out of The Money. Learn how to pick strike prices and expiration dates on covered calls and cash secured puts and learn how to sell them properly. I’m this video you will also learn how to use these strategies to buy or sell stock and make a little extra money when doing so. Don’t just buy or sell shares, use options to get into and out of positions you were already planning on but make some extra premium on the side. Once you’ve mastered covered calls and cash secured puts, you’ll be ready to wheel options. This is when you sell puts (collect premium) until you’re forced to buy shares and then switch over to selling calls (collecting premium) until your shares are called away. In both cases you keep the premium, it’s just a matter of picking the right strikes so you always make money. Then all you do is rinse and repeat while making money the whole time.

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