Lil Nas X REGRETS Shading Nicki Minaj & The 'Barbz'!

Lil Nas X REGRETS Shading Nicki Minaj & The 'Barbz'!

Lil Nas X has made a name for himself after two successful single releases, and is now opening up about why he has to prove people wrong. He is also reflecting on the mistakes he’s made on his way to success. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: 

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30 thoughts on “Lil Nas X REGRETS Shading Nicki Minaj & The 'Barbz'!”

  1. I'm glad he apologize and I don't him but his logic.. his logic is just a lil twisted. According to him straight=christian, ppl offended=their fault, and consideration=limitation. I just wish he doesn't dig himself into whole deeper than he already has. It seems like he'll be relevant for a while so hopefully he'll learn how to respectably clap back at homophobia. And not get sued by a international brande corporation🙃

  2. uhm that’s the least oh his offenses. he’s literally a sexist and xenophobic. ppl trash celebs all the time like a personal trait. but now he’s making it seem like it’s just some stupid childish sh1t.

  3. What he does is his buisness but the video is disturbing to me an not because he is gay, Im def not an prude, not even close but that disturbed me an Im not comfortable with my kids seeing it, they were a fan of his an now he has went from what he was to what he says he really is, in my opinion, he came out wayyyy over the top an did the most to have his sexual orientation excepted when I feel he would of been accepted anyway, I have enough to worry about with what and who the kids now look at as role models, but im not ok with the message his new wicked video/ song give ofd, and its bigger than simply not liking him, Im afraid of the influence he will put out, its a everyday struggle with these kids with all the crap they are exposed to, as a parent, im struggling with this shit, that is my opinion

  4. When Nicki Minaj came back to the game we saw cardi being offline not active on social media that’s what scared, obsessed,sick people do
    Nicki gonna k!ll all the female rappers

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