Let's PARTY Live w/ DailyGrace, Beth in Show, Hannah Hart, & CoffeyChat - (FIXED) 1/16/13

Let's PARTY Live w/ DailyGrace, Beth in Show, Hannah Hart, & CoffeyChat – (FIXED) 1/16/13

IT’S THE BIGGEST SHOW EVER! We have DailyGrace, Hannah Hart, Shannon Coffey from Coffeychat, Jon Friedman from The Jon Friedman Internet Program, and Savoir Adore—the band who sings our theme song! Did I mention an video chat with Super Amazing Project?!

There’s going to be an AUCTION SWAP for stuff from the set, live karaoke (oh yeah, everyone’s singing), Shots n’ Shots, a Sing-a-Gram episode from Mamrie Hart, live performances from Savoir Adore, and the SLIP N’ SLIDE!

Buy Savoir Adore’s new album, “Our Nature,” on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/our-nature/id557360466

Table of Contents:
00:01 – Live Theme Song
3:19 – Games Mashup!
5:29 – Shots n’ Shots
12:41 – 5 Second Films: Rebranding
13:05 – Comments and Live Calls w/ Hannah Hart
21:41 – Drinks Mashup
22:41 – Cooking w/ No Hands Tag
26:12 – Haunted House w/ Beth, DailyGrace, & Nate
28:50 – Comments & Live Calls w/ Shannon Coffey
32:45 – Jon Friedman answers questions
40:42 – JFIP: Milk & JFIP: Nicholas Cage
41:40 – Auction Swap!
50:21 – Super Amazing Project Google Hangout
59:41 – Live Karaoke w/ Savoir Adore
1:06:45 – 5 Second Films: Going to Work
1:07:07 – Q&A & Chubby Bunny w/ Savoir Adore
1:14:00 – JFIP: Hasbro
1:14:40 – Breaking the Balloon-Hugging Record
1:18:41 – 5 Second Films: 1996
1:19:06 – Q&A w/ Beth, DailyGrace, Hannah, & Shannon
1:28:49 – Sing-A-Gram: Bachelor Party
1:30:56 – Questions w/ Nate
1:33:52 – Slip n’ Slide
1:38:51 – Beth of the Year
1:42:22 – Questions with Everyone and Thanks!
1:49:17 – Savoir Adore plays Dreamers

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20 thoughts on “Let's PARTY Live w/ DailyGrace, Beth in Show, Hannah Hart, & CoffeyChat – (FIXED) 1/16/13”

  1. something fucking happened between Hannah and Grace at 1:27:00. Do you think it was the video named "stay tubed" where they were super drunk and stuff or do you think it was something different. Please give me feedback, because it is obvious that something happened to them. I mean just look at Hannah's face and they both knew immediately what Hannah was talking about.:)

  2. Looking back at these I'm not shocked at all Grace made it so much farther than Beth. She really had to carry the program in terms of entertainment at all times – Beth was so boring and even seemed to have a bad attitude on top of that. I hope she's happy wherever she is now though.

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